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CSS Background Property

BackgroundThis property of CSS is another reason among many to make it popular and dear among web designers and developers. This property enables the web masters to play with the Backgrounds. You can add or create

Backgrounds/backdrops behind the text, the size of the paragraph doesn’t matter, it may be very large or very small. This can be done by using the URL of the image required.

Webmasters use this CSS property to create captivating Background Patterns and to reduce web page load time. While choosing backgrounds, you need to be very careful. The chosen design/image must go together with the text pattern without any clash. It is always nice to keep in mind the overall color scheme of the web page and pick the background to fit in best.

The size of the backdrop or the image must be in accordance with the length of the text or paragraph. Any non-synchronization between the image and length of the text will lead to unnecessary repetition of the image. Many web designers use small images as compared to the whole web page. On combining the small image with CSS Background Property, it creates the tiling effects in the web page. This tiling effect can create a very nice pattern if done with matched colors and carefully chosen image in order to avoid any clash with text.

One more technique which can be used is using a narrow slice of an image and repeating it in one particular direction. The consolidate effect depends on the choice of image slice and original image. This technique often results into some striking effect on the screen.

The problem in using large image backdrops is that it takes a long time to load. This is the reason why CSS Background property is used. This property is the key to the problem as it reduces the page load time. The reason is smaller image is used to fill the same space instead of one whole large image.

This property of CSS is often applied to the division section in a web page.


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