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When It Comes To Websites, Not Everyone Dances to The Same Tune

Stock PhotographyAs you embark on your journey to create a new website with a free website builder, you may be of the mindset that more is better. But when it comes to website design, more can be a turnoff to many potential customers.

Today websites can boast music, videos, dancing graphics and all sorts of other eye and ear-catching items. The only problem with this is that in many cases, they don’t catch the attention of those who are looking at the site in a good way.

Avoid Distractions

You have likely seen at least one website that is overrun by video clips, moving animation and musical Free Backgrounds. When it loads up, if you have a fast connection, it looks like a three ring circus going on in front of you.

This is too much for the average person to deal with.

Even if your visitors wanted to read the information on your site, all those moving items and the music turning itself on would be too much of a distraction – and will cause them to click away.

If they have a slow connection, it’s even more likely that they will give up on waiting for the page to load long before it’s done.

Here are some things to consider before you add music or Flash Animation to your website.

Noise Level

If you feel you must add music to your website, make sure it is not going to be something that isn’t going to startle someone or deafen them when they load up your page.

If you aren’t flexible on adding music to your website, make sure the music you choose starts softly and that the volume on the file is not too loud.

It should be background music, not jarring music that overwhelms the whole site.

Load time

If you have a turbo speed, super fast Internet connection, loading detailed sites may be a snap for you. But not everyone has this kind of connection.

There are plenty of people out there who have slower DSL Internet connections or are even still on dialup. If your site is flooded with items that will take a long time to load, they will likely not want to wait to see what is loading, then give up and go elsewhere.

Many free website builder programs allow you to customize your website to all types of users – and their connections.

What are Your Options?

Downloadable Free Sound

If you really think video pieces will be helpful to those who are using your website, why not make them optional?

Using a free website builder, you can easily set up links to download the video presentations you would like your customers to be able to see without forcing everyone to watch the video as soon as they click on a link to your website.

This way, people who have the necessary bandwidth can watch the videos, while others who have a slower connection can still read about your site without getting bogged down in the larger files.

Music Options

If you want a musical background on your website, make sure there is an option for those who want to turn it off.

Many people also listen to Internet music or mp3s on their computer and may not want to hear your music. Have an option that is obvious and easy to see, that will let them turn off the music if they would rather not hear it.


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