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Stock PhotographyAs the economy is reaching an all time low, a lot of people without a job will be asking themselves “What can I do now?” and feeling downhearted about the depressing times they are facing in an attempt to get back on their feet again. Well you may have come across recent reports where people are trying home based businesses with just a computer to host that business.

The online business that caught my eye was the one for digital photography whereby you can earn regular income from your own digital photos. This shows just how easy it is to start up an online business and as a bonus you can combine your business with your hobbies, so you can actually enjoy your online business. Digital photographers are paid a regular income from what are known as Stock Photography sites as well as further earnings by the selling of photos to magazines and a whole string of media publications.

Stock photography is just a bunch of digital photos that can be licensed to sell. There are a whole range of businesses that turn to stock photography sites to get their photos that are used for their advertising campaigns such as publishers, magazines, advertising agencies, movie makers, web designers, and web masters. While these businesses are looking to reducing costs they have moved from paying large fees to professional photographers to purchasing online stock photography.

You will turn every photo you take into your “stock” and as the copyright holder you are entitled to license those images as often as you like. You will be able to sell on your digital photos over the internet with the help of stock agencies or microstock sites. Another idea would be to set up your own photography website, meaning you are able to approach publishers and other interested parties directly.

Microstock sites are very similar to stock photography sites and the real differences are that a microstock photography agency tends to source images with exclusive rights. They also deal with a lot more digital photographers than a stock photography agency would, and make their money by selling millions of images at lower prices which would normally be about one dollar.

Are you interested in earning money online through digital photography? If you are, all you need is a computer, a digital camera and a reasonably fast internet connection. You can find out more about digital photography home businesses on the blog linked below, where you will discover the 12 best tips on making money online with a digital camera and will be given a free guide to help you get your internet business started.

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