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7 Simple Steps To Creating Your Own Greeting Cards

Design TrainingHere are several tips for you to try when you Design your own greeting cards.

1. Since there are so many different types of cards to choose from you should design ones that sound the most intriguing to you. Experiment with anniversary, birthday, children’s cards, wedding, sympathy, holiday, get well or thinking of you cards.

2. Picking out good paper is the first step in beginning your Design Tutorials. You can use card Stock Photography that you have to fold yourself or buy pre-folded cards. To have a nice, clean fold use a gone folder. This is very helpful tool. Check to see if you have an envelope that is the right size since there are several sizes to choose from. You can also make your own envelope using one of the many templates out on the market.

3. For the front of the card you need to choose a sticker or rubber stamp with an image on it. Try using color stamp pads until you find the color and design you like if you’re using rubber stamps. Layering stickers or your stamped image onto other paper and can add a bit of fun to your Design Training. For this step, consider using a mixture of plain and matching patterned paper.

4. Instead of using a stamp or sticker try to find an embellishment that you would like to use instead. These can add a great deal to your design because they are typically dimensional.

5. Having the appropriate glue is important. Think carefully about what kind of adhesive you are going to use. For heavier items, the glue is a great tool but it tends to wrinkle your paper. Try using glue dots and strips on those gluing tasks. Consider buying glue sticks that are marked heavy duty” because that it tends to dry smooth and clear and can be used on almost any kind of paper.

6. The words should be the next thing you Design Tutorials. Consider what you want your card to say. Where is the message going to be? Do you want on the inside or the outside of the card? Rubber stamps, stickers and computer made greetings are wonderful for this. There are tons of unique fonts out there that can make each and every one of your cards different.

7. Before you attach any elements you should lay your design out on the card first. You don’t want to get completely done and realize that it won’t all fit or decide that you hate your design. After gluing everything on make sure that everything has been attached well.

8. Next you should focus on the inside of your card. Decide what you want to say and consider layering it with other paper so it matches the design on the front of the card. Adhere these pieces to the inside of your card.

9. Ask yourself if you are satisfied with your card after looking all of it over. Is it missing something like brads or buttons? Would part of the design look nice if you used marker on it, colored pencils, watercolors or chalks?

10. Once fiber has been added both inside and out then you can consider your card to be complete. Find some Logo Designmatching ribbon, yarn, metallic thread or wire and tie them in a knot. To make it look good clip off the ends so looks like you want it to. Use your glue gun to attach it and your card is finished.

11. The final touch to your design is decorating the envelope to make it coordinate with your card. Take time to use chalk, markers, stickers and stamps to create a beautiful design on your envelope. In a short amount of time you can come up with a great care and envelope made with your own design.


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