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Black and White Portrait Stock Photography – Made Easy

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Design TrainingWhen I started out as a young photographer back in the sixties, just about all images in advertising were shot in Black and White and we use to work mostly with large view cameras sizes 5×4 inch, half plate, whole plate and 10×8 inch, using B/W sheet film made by Kodak and Ilford.

We also use to shoot with Medium Format cameras such as the “Hassleblad” SLR. and the “Rolleiflex” TLR, format size 6×6 cm. using Black and White film stock Ilford HP3 and HP4, also Kodak Tri X, 120 size roll film.

There were no Point and Shoot Digital Cameras or Compact cameras and color negative film was so expensive to buy and even more expensive to process and print, most times it just wasn’t used and the quality was poor.

Side Note: Just about all weddings back then, were shot in Black and White and with Medium Format cameras and haven’t you noticed to day just how exceptional it is to see a creative Wedding Stock Photography adding a few images in Black and White to his wedding shoot. In my opinion all weddings are made for Black and White photography, after all the Bride is in white and the Groom is in a dark suite.

How then did we shoot color images in the studio for advertising and fashion. We used exclusively Kodak Ektachrome sheet film. Around this time Kodak introduced Kodak Ektachrome to 120 size roll film and of course good old Kodachrome slide film had been around a while. The problem with making a print from a Kodachrome slide was it was very expensive and the quality left much to be desired Stock Photography. Meanwhile Kodak Ektachrome Sheet Film, was the only quality colour film available at the time and still is one of the best quality colour transparency films around to day.

So whats so special in shooting in Black and White, simply put, It’s just so refreshing to see an image that is not in bright and sometimes unnatural colors and the beauty of the image is in the tonal range from whites to blacks, which evokes a mood which is hard to capture when you look at bright colors.

For example if you shoot a Portrait Head Shot with a white or plain background, carefully lighting the subject, you are Stock Photographyreally only going to see a creation of an image where the character or beauty of that person shows without confusing it with color.

So lets examine ways to shoot Black and White Portraits, Fashion or figure shots.


  • Film Camera. 35mm. SLR or Medium Format size 6x6cm.
  • Black and White film. Kodak T.Max 100 ASA. or Ilford HP4.
  • Soft-Box or Umbrella attachment for a Studio Flash.
  • Reflectors.
  • Tripod.
  • Model.


You have two choices for shooting you Model in Black and White, we will keep the details short as there will be other resources you can follow up with at the bottom of this page.

  • Studio: Setting up and working in your home studio, (or hired studio).
  • Outdoors: Working outdoors on a fine warm day.

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