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What Makes Portraiture Uncomfortable for the Model?

Design TrainingI can never understand why people are so embarrassed about having their photo taken. I mean, we spend a good proportion of our day looking into mirrors. Even shop window reflections are a source of brief, but focussed, imagery. We seem to enjoy it. We like our own image.

Why then do people dislike formal portraiture so much? After all, they have often elected to take part in the process and they have, most likely, made themselves up to look the best possible including clothes and make-up. And, what can be better than having a permanent reminder of just how lovely they do look? It beats all those passing glimpses in car mirrors and other shiny reflective surfaces.

Perhaps it’s the selfishness of it all that is uncomfortable. By having your portrait taken and studied you are saying “here I am, aren’t I beautiful / interesting”. Or perhaps it’s the photographer – someone who would be a bit unfamiliar to the subject especially in commercial studios – that puts people ill at ease.

But why should any of this cause problems? We show our faces to the world each and every day. Posing in front of a camera is just a way of formalising our image in a controlled and special way.

The best Stock Photography are able to put models at easy with quick fire comments, wit and an intimate knowledge of their equipment. The question to ask is why does he need to in the first place?

How to Encourage Portrait Sittings

You never need to be in a position that you have nobody to sit for your portraits.

Your nearest and dearest will, no doubt, have been the subject of your photographic attentions for a while. Some of them may feel a bit jaded and disinterested in the whole process especially if you have used them as a guinea pig whilst experimenting. In these situations it can prove difficult to ask for, and receive, another modelling session.
The answer is to sell it to them!Also here some Provide Design Training.

Here’s how:

  • Tell them you have some new ideas which you know will bring great results: think of some new poses, use different backgrounds, use props – make the session interestingStock Photography
  • Ask them to wear their favourite clothes and make-up: make this the model’s session – include them in the decisions and make it personalised and interactive
  • Prepare thoroughly beforehand: make sure your camera is ready, the lighting is set up and any backgrounds are erected and sorted out – have an idea of what sort of poses you wish your model to adopt
  • Ask your model what they would like: most people would like nice images of themselves and you can help this process by asking the model how they see themselves and what sort of poses / props would bring out their personality the best – your role is to facilitate this process by making it technically possible
  • Process your images quickly: your model will want to pose again if you can show that they are important enough to produce those fine images as quickly as possible – don’t forget to give them a selection for their own us

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