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What is Web Hosting

Design TrainingHow can anyone access to your Web pages? Theoretically, it is possible to place a web site on your own home computer. What is need to do that?

At first, we need to install the necessary software: Apache server, MySQL database server, mail server, Perl programming language, PHP, Parser. Create a folder with properly configured files, Web pages, scripts, Design Training ,graphics. Besides, we provide round-the-clock high-speed Internet connection. We should also buy a permanent IP-address in order for routers always to send data packages and a variety of requests. Register a domain name, using the Domain Name System (DNS) in order to synchronize domain with the IP-address.

Difficult, isn’t it? We should also mention about the round-the-clock technical support for the computer turned into a server. Please note that the implementation of other usual tasks becomes not desirable: failure of any program would require a restart, and our website will be unavailable for other users. In addition: if the resource will become quite popular, and every day hundreds of people will turn to the web pages and database, common personal computer will not be able to cope with the load, that is usual  for the Web servers.

In addition, the need for creating a website often occurs in people who are not experts in computer-related sphere.
Even if you learn all the features, there will be no time for the website. So why should we pay attention to the cases that seem so helpless?

Since the time of Manufactories it is known know that the most efficient production bases on the principle of division of labor: pies baking is for the pieman, boots making is for the shoemaker, hosting provider supports the web servers.
A solid company that provides such services, has at its disposal not one, but a lot of powerful computers, configured to perform server tasks.

They are connected to the Internet through the high-speed channel connection. Mandatory condition to ensure reliability is backup power systems, duplication of the main server nodes, the possibility of “urgent” replacement (without switching off the server), the organization of the RAID for data storage and other features.

The other side of the customers’ websites support is connected with the software. Modern hosting companies are staffed with all necessary software. The only thing we have to do is to change software configuration. Typically, a hosting provider offers several tariff plans for different cost and functionality, suitable for different customer’s needs. The configuration of the server software along with the distributin of the right to use a particular function depend on the custoner’s choise.

For example, a user needs access to the MySQL databases, and another one could do without it, but they need to support multiple mailboxes. Specialists in modern hosting companies are capable to make any necessary system changes in the a very short time. They have all necessary tools for that.

Thus hosting provider ensures the existence of your site on the Design Tutorials. The last issue is filling the resource content. It is the only complication that arises in connection with the locating of the website on another computer.

While using hosting service there is need to copy the files to a remote computer. In this case hosting provider offers two options:

  • To save the file to the server via the dedicated web interface.
  • Download files using ftp-protocol.

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  1. How to host a website in internet, where can i get space?, thanks.

    Comment by Nalini | April 5, 2009 | Reply

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