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Flash Animation Artist 2

flashCould you take us through your creative process when starting a new animation project.

Its always chaos in the beginning, I’m worthless at planning a whole project from the beginning to the end before I start. I make hundreds of crappy sketches that I just throw away and if I’m lucky I do one that I like. Then I start developing that one, still on paper, maybe make a small turnaround and some poses together with proposals for environments and colors. Colors are very important to me, I decide early what kind of colors to use to get the right feeling. That makes it easier for me to visualize the final look of it so that I know what I’m going to. I try different animation techniques as well, in X-ray vision I didn’t really know from the beginning how to animate it so I started by hand a little bit. I couldn’t really get the sort of flat look with thick black contours that I wanted, so I just decided to do the animation directly in Flash.

That way I had more control over the graphics.

Could you tell us about your animated short X-Ray Vision?

It’s just a little story describing one of life’s lonely moments. There’s a girl walking through an empty town, I think she’s sort of isolated in her world. To her the real world just shines through in fast glimpses sometimes. There’s not really a correct interpretation of it, it’s a simple story.

How was the concept of X-Ray Vision conceived?

The inspiration came from my earlier mentioned autumn feeling I think. I wanted to express something melancholic in some way, so I started playing with some chords on the guitar one day and pen and paper the next. I always wanted to try and mix live action with Flash Animation; it’s a beautiful combination. Everything just grew together, I wrote the music and played around with flash a little bit at the same time until I had it more or less clear in my head.

Was the music used in X-Ray Vision written and preformed by you? In my opinion the music is beautiful and fits the mood of the animation PERFECTLY. Is music your first love?

Music is just my secret dream. When I had the opportunity to record a song of my own I couldn’t miss it, that’s all… My very talented friend G÷ran helped me with the recordings, and with developing the sound.

How long did it take to complete X-Ray Vision?

It took about 3 months, and I really started from scratch, I had never animated directly in Flash before so I was learning while doing it. and Always thing about Logo Design For your Site.

What software packages were used in the creation of X-Ray Vision?

Flash MX and Premiere 6.0

Did you run into any major production problems during the creation of X-Ray Vision?
My biggest problems came from not knowing enough about the program, and never having worked with video in animation before. I had to try a lot of different ways to compress the video material to reduce the file size since I made it for the web. In the end I found out that Flash really compresses video material very well so I didn’t really have to chase around for other programs. There was also the problem with having all scenes in individual documents when I later on wanted to put them together to one. The library in Flash doesn’t let you have two symbols with the same name so i had to rename all my symbols to avoid conflicts.

What was the most technically challenging scene in X-Ray Vision?

The one where she pulls down the zipper was hard to figure out how to do, even though it looks simple. I made it kind of early in the production, before I had learned enough about masks and stuff. I guess there would have been an easier way to do it really… Except from that, the putting everything together-part of the production was really the hardest part. To make it synchronize with the music and to cut it tight. To get the right tempo.

What other animated shorts have you worked on?

That would be… none. Other than some of my own small experiments that never really became real shorts. I have worked as a Design Training on more commercial productions before, like tv series for children.


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