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freefontsAn unfinished, yet very impressive sans serif font, designed by Christopher Miller. The font includes 182 characters.

Jobs Buivenga released Museo Sans, a sans-version of his previously released freefont Museo. Museo Sans is a sturdy, low contrast, geometric, highly legible sans serif typeface very well suited for any display and text use. The OpenType font family offers supports CE languages and even esperanto. Besides ligatures, fractions and proportional/tabular lining and oldstyle figures MUSEO also has a ‘case’ feature for case-sensitive forms.

Museo Sans font family comes in 10 fonts: 5 weights (100 300 500 700 900) with each an italic. 2 fonts are absolutely free (500/500 italic). A registration is required to download the files.

Ampersands With Attitude

Ampersands have long been the character in a typeface with which typographers can indulge themselves. Sweeping curves, flirtatious finishes and bold statements – these are the things that make ampersands an exciting character to use and, better still, to Design Training.

There are, however, two problems. The first is that the English language gives us few situations to use such a daring character. We seldom get to show off these beautiful examples of typography. The second is that the poor little ampersand so often goes unnoticed.

Allow me to share with you my top 10 different styles of ampersands. Some are similar, but each have their own personality. In an effort to limit my sample selection, I have only chosen ampersands from freely available sans fonts.


Here we have a pretty run-of-the-mill ampersand. It comes from the font Nilland. You see this style in common Free Fonts like Helvetica and Arial. It has the classic one piece figure-of-eight body. The little horizontal tail finishes this character off nicely, it seems to give a certain perkiness that it otherwise might have lacked.

Bitstream Vera Sans

You might recognise this style as well. This particular character comes from Bitstream Vera Sans. There are a few ways to look at this ampersand, and this is one of the reasons this character works so well. It looks like the ampersand above, only with the top right side of the figure-of-eight cut out (yet it actually ends up not looking very much like the above character). It also looks like a sweeping back-to-front 3 with a extension from the middle (you can see this better if you turn your head so your left ear is pressed against your shoulder).


This is where things start to get a little weird. Is it a ‘g’ gone wrong? Is it a swan? Is it a fishing hook? Actually it’s the ampersand from BPmono. I probably shouldn’t have likened it to a swan and a fish hook, because now you’re probably having a hard time seeing it for what it is… a sweet little ampersand with a cute tucked in style.


Here we have another style entirely. It’s an evolution of what you might see in handwriting. However, on paper the line would be drawn down the middle of the ‘E’ shape. This is the font Kontrapunkt, so it’s been given angles and a lovely boldness.


Diavlo is a great font with nice tips, and this character is no exception. At this size it looks like it has an oriental brush stroke style.

La Peruta FLF

Oh! I’m glad someone managed to prop up that eight before it fell over… wait let’s make that into an ampersand. LaPerutaFLF, with a name like that, you have to be cheeky.


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  1. Good looking fonts which can be utilized in Web Designing

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