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How to Make an Awesome Logo Design

logodesignFirst before you start, be sure to check out my video tutorials that show you exactly how to create awesome Logo Design and websites in photoshop.


Back when I began my ventures on computers in 98 on AOL, I was one of the many mesmerized by the world of AOL “proggies”. I began to code my own with VB and I remember one of the things I loved to focus on personally, was the whole intro art. I saw a few, I can’t remember the names now, but their amazing fire effects with their lightening bolts blew my mind away. Thus began my journey of design.

I’ve designed for approximately 9 years now and I’ve learned a lot. From mainstream corporate professional design, to fun gaming Design Training, to adult design. The accumulative experience of all these avenues have really helped further my abilities when I confront each new project.

In this tutorial, I will start and finish a logo while documenting the entire process. I encourage you to open up photoshop and follow every step, it will help you learn a lot more than just reading it.

I’ve used the technique I will be teaching to develop a lot of logos. Here are just a few:

Adobe Photoshop

I will be using Adobe Photoshop CS2 to design this logo. Many swear by illustrator, but I believe for the purposes of making a Photoshop Tutorial, it’d be best to use photoshop as it will cater to a wider audience. More people have used photoshop than Illustrator. Besides, I’ve created 95% of all my logos in Photoshop, so take what you will.


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