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Divide and Conquer: How to Find Your Niche

nichebook_webIt is a common misconception that if you are not casting a wide net with your marketing, you are leaving money on the table. Actually, the opposite is true. It’s more expensive and usually less profitable to sell a range of products to a wide audience. Furthermore, if your product or service is too similar to a competitor’s, price will always be an issue. When price is your only point of comparison, it’s tough to build a successful brand  especially if you are a small business. Targeting a niche market is a great way to avoid these issues. But how do you find the right niche?

First, a broad category like “small business owners” does not constitute a niche. Instead, a niche is much more narrowly defined group of prospects that conforms to the following:

Its members have similar, unique needs within the market segment. You should be able to pinpoint common-denominator needs that differ from the rest of the market. Of course, these needs must also relate to your offering and industry. For example, attorneys may have unique needs when it comes to document copying, but probably not when it comes to the real estate industry. So if you provide copying services, it makes sense to target attorneys specifically, whereas it may not make as much sense if you’re a real estate agent.

Geography also plays a role. Local market segments can vary dramatically from national and global markets, even within the same industry.

Your product or service meets (or can meet) these needs better than competing products. Your offering must be attractive to your niche customers, above and beyond other products in your industry. Offer compelling reasons to buy your brand that speak directly to special needs. These reasons do not need to be intrinsic to your product’s features. They can also extend to the special features of your customer service.

You can market to these prospects economically. To attain a decent ROI on a modest budget, it must be relatively easy to identify and reach your niche audience. Direct mail is a common method of advertising, but your mailing list can make or break you. If it’s too broad, watch out. Find ways to first narrow your list to qualified prospects, then write your message directly to them.

The group is large enough to generate the amount of revenue you need to remain profitable. Remember, your niche must be feasible from an economic perspective. If it doesn’t make sense fiscally, it doesn’t make sense period.

Members are not currently being targeted, or not being targeted as well as you can target them. The best niche is one where the competition is ineffectual or nonexistent. Find the “overlooked” niche, not the obvious one.

Determining your niche means asking yourself questions like, Who will most likely use my product or service? What makes my Logo Design special or unique? Why are customers choosing my brand?

As markets mature and competition increases, the demand for specialized goods grows. The more you differentiate your brand, the less competition you will have, and the faster you’ll build brand equity. Find the right niche, and conquer the competition!


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Most Used Free Fonts Designers

fontsAs we already know that the fonts are one of the most important parts of every web Project and choosing them is quit a difficult job for a web Design Training if his understanding of Typography is low. Our Last post 21 Most Used Fonts By Professional Designers helps you to get familiar with most used fonts which is not freely available.

After getting several requests about professional fonts which is most famous and freely available for download in our last post in same series we again look around and end up with a list of 22 Most Used Free Fonts By Professional Designers on the basis of their usability and popularity.

This list is a combined effort of professional web designers and art directors to speeding up your project development time so you can save money and focus on making great applications. All the screenshots again made in usual way so there is no confusion in checking the actual preview and corresponding font types.

The basic purpose behind this post is to show popular and professional free font types to save your time searching online. This time direct download link available for all the Free Fonts. You can also find some related free references at the end of the post. Just make sure to read the license agreements carefully as they can change from time to time.

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Top Things To Look For In A Wedding Stock Photography

superstock_1436r-46094When your wedding is over, what will you have? Of course, you will have each other and some great memories, but how will you preserve those memories, not only for yourself, but also for future generations? The easy answer is with pictures of your wedding, but the truth is that it’s not really that simple. When preserving such a special and unique day, you can’t trust just anyone. To make sure that your special day is captured in the best way, make sure to choose a professional wedding photographer that meets a few simple qualifications.

One of the first things to consider is to make sure that you feel at ease with the photographer – If you are not, it will show in the pictures. When you talk to potential wedding photographers make sure that you feel comfortable with them. Is it someone that you can spend all day with? Is the photographer someone that will blend naturally with your guests? Look at the photographer’s other photos. If the photographer can’t make people feel relaxed it will be obvious in the pictures.

Another very important thing to look for in a quality wedding photographer is how organized and efficient they are. A good wedding photographer will have everything organized from the beginning. If a wedding photographer doesn’t provide you with a checklist of desired photos it should send up a red flag. A simple questionnaire about what you want will give the photographer an idea what you are looking for and ensure the best pictures possible.

Before you book your wedding with a Stock Photography company, find out who will be taking your pictures. There are many large photography firms that snap out weddings in an assembly line fashion. With these large companies, you don’t always know what or who you are getting. You should be able to work directly with the person that will be taking your wedding photos and not with a manager or sales person. If you don’t know who is going to be taking your pictures, you won’t know if you have the needed rapport with your photographer and it will show in the end.

Every couple is different and that means that every wedding is different. Of course, there are many must have shots that all couples want, but there are often unique requests. With family structures evolving and old divisions breaking down, the wants and needs are changing too. If you have interesting and distinctive wedding photography needs you will need a wedding photographer that is flexible and adaptable. Make sure to talk to potential photographers and see how they respond to odd request. This will help you decide if they have the talent and creativity to get the look your want.

The best wedding photography Wtih Design Training is going to take some time. Standing and posing for shots isn’t always the most enjoyable thing to do when there is food and fun waiting, but if you want the best photos from your wedding you should allow at least 30 minutes for after ceremony pictures and up to an hour for pre-ceremony photos. It takes time to arrange the groups and ensure that everything is in place. Make sure that you and all of your party are on time for the pictures. If people are late it will only rush the photographer and compromise the quality of the final product.

After the event, allow the photographer time to print the photos. You don’t want rushed prints.
The last and one of the most important things to keep in mind is how the photographer approaches wedding photography. Is he/she just taking pictures? Or creating art? Is your photographer passionate about Stock Photography or simply just doing a job? There are literally thousands of wedding photographers that can take your pictures and do a good job. They can output posed pictures as easily as someone in an office creates a spreadsheet. To these generic photographers it is just a job. If you want something special you need to find an artist that loves photography and will combine skill, talent, and heart to capture your special day.

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