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The Importance of Free Sound


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I discovered the Free Sound Project through a Yahoo group. It seemed like a very interesting concept and one that I immediately saw the importance of for my line of work. I am constantly in search of recordings of remote places or unusual things– how fantastic would it be to have people all around the globe sharing sounds from their localities?! While it appears that Freesound is frequented more by musicians than people in my particular line of work, I have seen the number of sounds that are useful to me grow significantly since I first became a member in April, 2005.

Despite having made a significant investment of both time and money in my recordings (which I hope to recoup at some point by releasing a commercial effects library) I’m happy to share some of the sounds that I have recorded for others to use. Throughout my career I have benefited from people sharing their knowledge with me, and I’ve met some wonderful people who have been willing to share their recordings with me too, so I would like to continue that tradition by sharing what I can with those who share an interest in Free Sound.


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  1. This could be really quite good for say a holiday location where sound is present like the sea or perhaps country sounds like birds etc. This one has made me think, got to be potential here.

    Comment by Brian | April 13, 2009 | Reply

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