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Learning Flash Animations

Design TrainingWhere do you get the ideas for your experiments from?

They can literally come from anywhere. Sometimes from seeing someone else’s work, sometimes from seeing something in the environment or reading about some mathematical formula or physics concept. There’s an old joke that lists “You know you’re a Flash addict when…” My favorite was, “when you start looking at everything around you and saying, ‘I bet I could do that in Flash.”‘

What/who are your sources of inspiration?

When I was starting out in Flash animations, my two biggest influences were Joshua Davis and Jared Tarbell

These days, I often have to go beyond Flashers to see stuff that really impresses me. There’s some great Java stuff happening out there too.

What would you say to those who want to learn advanced Action Script? Credentials? Programming experience?

The thing I always tell people is to get the basics down cold. A lot of people dive into these advanced open source fla’s and try to figure out what’s going on. I would say get a copy of Action Script, the Definitive.

Guide and read it cover to cover. When you don’t have to worry and think about commands and syntax, and they are just second nature, then you can start playing with it and getting creative. Also, learn as much math and physics as you can get Design Tutorials. I peruse every bookstore I go by, looking for interesting titles, but most often you can find more than enough information right on the web.

Which books would you recommend, if any?

As mentioned, ASDG by Colin Mocks is the bible. Others would depend on which particular area you want to get into. I think Robert Penne’s Programming Flash is pretty good as well.

Which features/tools do you use most in Flash? What’s your favorite Action Script function/tool?

I think my favorite new features in Flash MX and the ones I probably use most often are create Empty Movie Clip and the drawing API tools. Many of my movies consist of nothing but code, all graphic elements being created on the fly. It is about as pure as you can get from a programming point of view.

What would you like to see in the next Flash Animations release?

There is so much in Flash MX, that I feel I’ve still only scratched the surface in the last year. I’d like to see a command line compiler that would create swfs from pure Action Script files. Maybe better bitmap handling.


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