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Royalty Free Music For News Projects

Design TrainingNews programs and news casts have attained immense popularity as TV program formats in recent years. This has led to the advent of news channels and a varied list of news programs on TV today. And simultaneously, the variety of music and  Free Sound effects used in these news productions have come a long way from just the simple intro music used in the earlier times. Today, news production music has become a category of its own, and its correct usage is very important.
News is a very powerful medium and hence flamboyant use of music where it is not necessary is considered a sin by many. This has led to a whole new stream of music patterns that are exclusively used for news productions and news casts alone. The music used is diverse, ranging from serious tones to light, feel good music as well. All news production houses and channels have their own signature music and sound effects that help in enhancing their brand value and image. These also include production music tracks as well as unique music cues for news programs.

Royalty free music portals are a big source of such Stock Photography and stock sound effects that are used by news channels for varied reasons. Regional news channels and the ones that are newcomers to the scene are the most frequent customers to these free music portals. This is because the licensing procedures and employing professional musicians to meet their music requirements is both time-consuming as well as expensive. On the contrary, the free music portals provide much more quantity within an affordable price range. But what has been needling the news production managers about the stock music  tracks and sound fx is the quality, or rather the lack of it!

But at Audio Micro, we specialize in providing the clientele with the best quality sound effects and royalty free music, all at very competitive prices. Our skilled team of stock musicians and an equally deft team of technically astute team of audio engineers enrich our huge reserve of stock music and sounds. We also keep a tab on our free music submissions by users, so that no sub-standard music tracks or sound fx creep into our shining armor of royalty free Design Tutorials library.

We also provide a complete list of free samples of free music tracks and  free stock audio to download, which provides a hint about the rich quality and quantity that we possess. The diversity present in our stock music library guarantees that no matter which topic a news channel program intends to tackle, the music requirements for the same will be duly taken care of by Audio Micro.

Music used in news production, as we had mentioned earlier, has a very serious impact on the audience and plays a huge role in tailoring public opinion. Therefore, any miscommunication through the music used in such news casts would face immense criticism as well as give birth to controversies. To avoid such incidents, which are ultimately extremely damaging for a news channel’s repute and public image, you have to rely on only quality music sources for apt and excellent quality music. And you get precisely that at Free Sound!


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