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Acoustic Free Sound Tracks

Free SoundThe most underrated and yet one of the most popular streams of music, acoustic music tracks and  sound effects have become a staple diet for presentations and videos all over the world. Acoustic music usually comprises of many soft instruments such as acoustic guitars, piano, Indian instruments (such as the sitar, table etc), mandolins, xylophones etc. Acoustic Free Sound effects are also hugely popular among people indulging in film-making, videos and presentations. As acoustic music can be slow as well as fast-paced, it can be used in a variety of presentations and videos. Several bands and music groups have achieved international acclaim with their prowess in acoustic music and allied streams. Some selective shows such as the MTV Unplugged have achieved cult status among music lovers worldwide.

But authentic acoustic music tracks either are extremely expensive or have long verification time-schedules, which deter small scale project managers to opt for licensing of such authentic music tracks. Employing professional musicians to acquire similar results often doesn’t give you the value for money, apart from burning a hole into your pocket! Here is where royalty free music portals come into the fray. With hundreds of sites offering millions of free music options to the users, acquiring authentic music tracks has become a cakewalk. Well, almost, if you are ready to compromise with quality! Most of these portals offer sub-standard stock music and stock sound effects to the users, compensating the dive in prices.

But at Audio Micro, we believe that quality is the forerunner of quantity, and without the former, the latter is irrelevant to the clients. Our expert team of stock musicians takes care of the royalty free music tracks while our professionally trained team of audio engineers masters these tracks to produce stock music and stock audio clips of the bets quality available over the net. We also scan our user-submitted free music tracks for quality and hence close all possible routes for poor quality Free Sound fx and music cues from creeping into our rich music reserve. Enhancing brand trust and loyalty among our consumers, we offer a variety of free music tracks as samples to download. This helps the user in being convinced with our quality and then to follow through with the final purchase decision.

Acoustic music tracks and acoustic sound effects have become popular among viewers and the consumer group because of the soothing effect and an ethereal ambience that it constructs among the target audience. We at Audio Micro understand the importance of the quality of the stock music you wish to incorporate into your project or presentation and hence ensure every possible step to provide the same. Along with a variety of acoustic music tracks and stock sound effects, we also provide royalty free music from a variety of genres, such as rock, jazz, blues reggae etc. Our music is also customizable and compatible with all platforms of sound editing and looping software applications. This allows the acoustic sounds to seem diverse as well as authentic. Therefore, you must have very well realized that Audio Micro is the one-stop store for al your free music requirements, irrespective of the subject or tone your presentation project is dealing with!

Folk Free Sounds

One of the earliest influences and most popular stream of music was folk music. This form of music has been around since ages and has been used extensively in projects, videos and presentations that have a vast range as far as topics are concerned. A wide variety of instruments are used, including flutes, acoustic guitars, a varied range of drums, pipes and other conventional as well as innovative instruments. Folk music and allied Free Sound effects have evolved and have been influenced by cultures and traditions from all over the world, and hence has become one of the truly subjective and accepted forms of music today. Some of the noted artists in the genre such as Bob Marley, Rascal Flatts and others have achieved international fame and recognition for their rendition of folk music, in varied styles and genres.

The usage of folk music tracks and sound effects in projects and presentations have increased with time, and a majority of them have achieved success because of the music’s mass appeal. But acquiring authentic folk music tracks is neither easy nor cheap. Licensing fees are steep and the process too is time consuming. Employing professional musicians is also monetarily exhausting, and without correct supervision, you may not get the desired results from the professional musicians as well. Here is where royalty free music and sound effects come into the scene.

Innumerable free sound portals available online cater to the Stock Photography needs of small scale projects and videos. But the main issue that users confront at these sites is the purported lack of quality. While cutting down on the costs, these sites compromise on  the quality of the free music tracks and stock audio clips available online.

But Audio Micro  is a noteworthy exception. We employ a completely professional team of stock musicians and audio engineers who produce and master the stock music tracks and sound effects respectively. This allows for a more authentic reserve of free music, which the user can purchase and freely use in your presentation or project. We let users provide for free music submissions after a thorough quality check by our experienced professional team. We also provide some free stock music and stock audio clips for download, which will help convince the user about our quality and thereafter help them to make the choicest of purchases from our site.

We have a huge reserve of Stock Photography and sound fx, which ranges form authentic folk music tracks to heavy metal and rock influenced music and even has music for special occasions! We understand that the music used in your presentation or video project has to be innovative, genuine and yet popular among the audiences. And as far as folk music is concerned, the more varied and authentic tracks you use, the better. And at Audio Micro, we offer you the latest trends in folk music as well as sound effects and music cues from the folk music stream that have been popular over the years, making us the ideal free music portal to quench your thirst for quality stock music


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