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Royalty Free Sound Suspense Music

What was so special about Hitchcock’s films that made you sit clutching the edge of your seat? What made the climax of a classic thriller like  Psycho  such a hair-raising experience? Yes, you guessed it right  the Free Sound effects  and the music! Had there een no implementation of such loud sound effects and orchestrated music ensembles, a suspense film would have resulted in a dull affair, and the protagonist’s antics may even seem funny. This is the influence that suspense music and similar music cues as well as sound fx have over the viewers  minds. And the correct use of it may infuse life and most importantly the  fear factor  into these films, resulting in success. Free Sound

Suspense music in films have two major types  First is the intense and dense dynamic music during the course of the suspense scene. The other is more of the power ballad kind, with music building up from naught to a crescendo and then coming to an abrupt stop as the scene ends. Usual instruments used in composing suspense music include electric guitar, bass, drums, piano and even complete symphony orchestras that provide the Free Sound effect of the lull  as well as of the  storm! But hiring such professional musicians or acquiring licenses for authentic suspense music is out of bounds for people in charge of small scale projects or presentations.

Here is where royalty free music  steps in. With hundreds of free music portals providing Stock Photography and sound fx at within an affordable price range, these smaller presentation makers or project managers can breathe easy with the budget. But the quality provided by these sites is much lower than what is demanded by the users. This is where Audio Micro scores over the other sites. We too, provide authentic royalty free music and stock sound effects, but our quality is much superior to what you are used to get at other regular free music sites over the net. This is because we not only run a quality check on our free music submissions but also have a skilled and experienced team of stock musicians. They churn out authentic music tracks to be mastered by our equally deft team of audio engineers. Not only this, we also provide free sample stock audio tracks for download. This enables us to convince and convert the user with the quality of our quality!

Royalty Free Suspense music is also used in production music  and several other presentations, especially the ones which uncover some unknown detail or fact to the audience. The popularity of royalty free music as a hassle free way of acquiring and using authentic music for personal purposes has helped make small scale projects be effective and lively. At Audio Micro, no matter how vast your range of requirements for suspense music is, we have answers to all. From melodic music to hardcore percussion and bass thrash, our huge reserve of stock music and Free Sound fx can cater to all your needs. And the right implementation of music in your project will help your project do what it had intended make the viewers jump at every turn and twist in the plot!


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