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How Can you Learn Photoshop on the Web With so Many Free Tutorials

Photoshop TutorialsYou sit down at your computer one day and you decide that you want to learn how to use Photoshop Brushes and become a pro at it. Then you actually load up the program and you realize that it is far more complex than you could have ever imagined. Photoshop is not a simple program to learn by any means and takes a very long time to truly master. So now you are staring at Photoshop and decide that you want to turn to the internet for some help. Upon beginning your search you hop on a search engine and begin to try to look for tutorials. What you then find though is that there are hundreds if not thousands of tutorials on the subject, free ones too. So which do you choose and how do you learn?

The best way to learn Photoshop Tutorials is to take it step-by-step. You are not going to sit down in one night open up a bunch of tutorials and expect to learn it by the following morning. This is something that is just not going to happen even if you are an absolute genius. What you have to do is you have to find tutorials that can work for you and that you can understand. You can do this by looking over the internet and checking various tutorial sites and seeing if they make sense to you.

Some of the free tutorials on the internet are not the best sources of information. Sometimes they can be useful but if you cannot understand them then you may have to seek help in other locations. Another option would be to join a forum or community where you can talk to people who use Photoshop Brushes and they can then help you with certain things.

A third option would be to go out and buy a book about the subject matter. There are many Photoshop tutorial books out there which can help you learn the basics and even advanced techniques about Photoshop. Most of these books are available online or in any book store such as Barnes and Noble or Borders.

All of this is meaningless though if you are not able to have the patience to take it step by step. You have to be able to sit down and learn little things and master them one at a time. If you can do this then you can learn the basics and build from there. It is like a foundation that has to be laid.

You can use the free tutorials for the basic stuff to get a better idea about what you are doing but once you have your solid foundation you may want to look elsewhere. Join a forum or community such as the one at and gain friends who are seeking the same knowledge you are and then you will be able to fully master the art of Photoshop Tutorials.


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