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How to Get Royalty Free Icons

Free Icons are the seemingly ‘unimportant’ graphics on a site. For example, a website may have icons shaped like arrow marks instead of bullets when numbering a list. Here are some of the common uses of icons:

As bullets for numbering

As buttons for RSS feeds

Pointers to designate various ‘areas’ on a page…

And a myriad of other uses.

The best way to recognize icons and their far-reaching uses is to simply visit a quality Royalty Free Icons site such as

The Effects of Using the Right Icons

Free IconsThe right icons on a website, when coupled with good Design Tutorials, increase the credibility of the site, making the visitor more comfortable. In essence, this results in higher conversions and more sales.

Royalty Free Icons and Their Importance:

Icons, like all other graphics are often ‘rigged’ by the creators to generate royalties for life from each use. However, this can prove to be an expensive proposition, especially for a successful site! As such it is important to purchase and use only royalty Free Icons for your site!

Using just images you pick off of Google search or another site can prove to be the worst decision of your life if you end up getting sued, especially if you’re major site, or are found by the author of the image and in turn may have to end up paying an inflated rate for the image. Additionally, you do not want to compromise on the unique nature of your site and end up just settling for something that is commonplace elsewhere.

Finally, a good theme that runs though all the icons on a site lead to an incredible impression on the visitors, while just using a mash-up of tens of different designs leads to lower conversions. As such, the best way to acquire royalty free icons is to go through a site or web developer that specializes in such icons.


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