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Adding More ‘Life’ to Flash Animations

Flash has always played a marquee role in the field of web site Flash design globally. Being the fuel of most of the designing and Flash Animations projects, designers use this highly feature-rich program in every step of designing. Without it designing and animation are simply unimaginable, at least in today’s context. What’s special in Flash?

Flash AnimationsWell, we can’t deny the fact that there are other animation and designing software available in the market. But Flash has established such a reputation in the psyche of the designers that when designing comes to the front, there is not a second thought about the program – in most cases it has to be Flash, and it has been for long time now. Optimum ease of use, superb designs at affordable price, client satisfaction are some of the prime reasons for the immense popularity of Flash. Once a property of Macromedia, Flash is now owned by Adobe. The reputation that the program earned in the days of Macromedia Flash web design initiatives is still on. This time it’s going great gun riding high on the wings of Adobe.

The Oval Tool of Flash is one of the most frequently used tools in any Flash web site Design Training project. The tool is used to draw ovals and circles. Since most Flash animation designs infuse oval and circle shapes onto the projects, the use of the Oval Tool can also be seen in the industry up to a remarkable extent. In order to draw a perfect circle, you need to hold down the Shift key. It will restrict the drawn object’s proportions to that of a circle. If you keep selected the Snap to Objects option while drawing an oval, the shape will be seen snapping to a perfect circle, if dragged at a 45 degree.

The Oval Tool of Flash Animations also comes with Smooth and Straighten options. By selecting them, you can also adjust your already drawn shapes as per your requirements.


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