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Free Fonts Web Design Tools for Beginners

Want to start your own website but don’t want to pay $800 for somebody else to do it? Then you’re in luck because there are free web design tools for beginners. These are software, utilities and generators for just about every phase of web designing. Here is a survey of some of the free tools at your disposal.

Free Web Design Tools

Color Scheme Generators. Are you having a hard time deciding what colors to use for your web site? Try online color combination generators. Getting a color theme is essential to achieving a unified look to your site. It is also an easy way to find matching (i.e. complementary) colors. Some shades just don’t go well with others, you know. Other color-related tools let you pick colors from the screen (color pickers), or convert a color hue into hex format so you can insert it manually into your code.
Free FontsHTML Validators. Want to make sure that your website code is fully compliant with standards? You can use free web design tools that can check your code for errors. This will help ensure your website works properly.

Clipart. Need graphics but can’t even draw a line? Grab free clipart. There is no end to free web design tools like this out there, though they vary in quality. Usually all they ask is a link back to their site.

Free Fonts. There are two ways to use fonts on your website. You can install them on your system and use them as font styles in your pages, which case people would need to have the same fonts installed on their computers. Or you can use the fonts in your graphics and save them as graphic files for banners, titles and buttons.

Web space. This is perhaps the oldest type of free web design tools. Even though the prices of web space hosting may have gone down, you may still want the totally free hosting packages. Note however, that many free hosting servers prohibit commercial use. If you’re an internet marketer, this option may not be available to you.

Domain name. Yes, believe it or not, there are some free domain name hosting services around.

The drawback is you don’t get the name registered as yours; it is maintained by the server. But that can be a good thing if you want to remain anonymous.

Free Web Templates. The ultimate in free web design tools. If you need a site up and running ASAP, download a finished template and start editing. You will have to make the content and maybe some graphics, but the basic coding for the home page and supporting pages will be there already.

These are just some of the free web Design Training tools you can find. In spite of what many over-priced web designers and software vendors tell you, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on these things. You can have just about all you need either free or at very affordable prices. Find a good web design portal with quality services like those listed above and you’ll see what we mean.


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Make Money Traveling With Stock Photography

There are several Stock Photography websites that want your pictures. These sites will pay you a percentage for every one of your pictures that gets downloaded, each time it is downloaded. Your pictures can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.

Many individuals, businesses, organizations, websites and print publications are in constant need of a wide variety of quality photographs for their websites, sales letters, brochures, magazines, videos and newspapers. These entities regularly turn to stock photography websites to buy the photographs that they need.

You can submit your digital photographs to websites like iStock and Shutterstock. You don’t need to be a professional photographer. You just need a digital camera (with extra memory cards) and internet access. Signing up for these websites is free. Each time one of your pictures is downloaded you’ll get paid a percentage of the cost of the photograph, which generally comes to twenty-five cents to several dollars.

Stock PhotographyJust about any type of digital picture is accepted as long as it is of high quality. Your pictures need to be in JPG/JPEG and for most stock websites they should be 1600 x 1200 pixels or larger. New photographers for Shutterstock need to submit photographs that are 4.0 Megapixels or Million Pixels (MP).

You can calculate the number of pixels in a photograph by multiplying the width by the height. A picture that is 1600×1200 is 1.92 million pixels.

In photographs that depict a minor, or where an identifiable human face is visible, you will need to send a model release with the picture to the website. You need to submit original work and make sure that you do not include copyrighted material or logos in your images. Do not submit photographs that have been increased in size from their original file size. You should read the submission guidelines from each website before you start posting your pictures.

Once you have uploaded a picture to a stock photography website, it stays there for as long as you like (even for years). Every time it gets downloaded you earn money. You can upload your pictures to several different websites as long as the websites allow the submission of non-exclusive photographs.

For example: let’s say that you have accumulated 1,000 high quality photographs for stock photography websites. You upload each image to ten different websites Design Training. So each site now has 1,000 different pictures. You have a total of 10,000 images uploaded on the various sites. If each of your pictures get downloaded just twice every thirty days, and your commission is only $0.25 cents for each download, you’ll be making $5,000 a month!

You can take ten pictures a day and upload each one to ten different Stock Photography websites. In just three months you’ll have about 900 photographs uploaded 9,000 times.

What is really cool about this is that once your pictures are uploaded they continue to make money for you with no additional work on your part. If you continuously upload pictures to the stock websites you can earn even more. There are several people that do this full-time and make $5,000, even $8,000 a month.

Most of the stock websites pay you once a month through PayPal, MoneyBookers, paper check or direct deposit.

You can start by taking pictures in your area, or travel anywhere and make a very healthy living by taking stock photographs. The more pictures you upload, the more earning potential you have. You can make great money from this “job” from just about anywhere in the world.

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How To Get A Free Backgrounds Check

You’ve found yourself in a situation that you have to do a Free Backgrounds check. Something in your life has surfaced; or perhaps more than likely, something in your life has surfaced that has to do with someone else and you want to check them out. If you’re reading this, you are very wise. Find out how to do a free background check and do it immediately. More times than not, a person does a free background check for the protection of themselves and/or their family.

Let’s get down to it. The first question is: is there really such a thing as a free background check?

Free BackgroundsThe answer is not that easy, but honestly it’s both yes and no. Yes, you can get some information about someone online doing a free background check, but unless their name is very uncommon, you probably won’t get much. But it is free so do it anyway. And no, if the name is fairly common or if you don’t have any more information other than a name, you are not going to get the information that you are looking for.

If you are older than 5, you’ve come to realize that even with a free background check, nothing that is worth anything is ever totally free. So what’s the skinny on this?

Search engines, especially the major ones such as Google and Yahoo have claimed that you can get any information that you want by typing it in their browser and allowing the engines to do their stuff. The problem is that most of the information that you are looking for in a free background check just will not be part of the results. That information such as:

  • Criminal records
  • Current and past employment
  • Sex offender status
  • Past convictions
  • Motor vehicle records including DUIs
  • Marital status and past divorces
  • Credit check and bankruptcies

All of this information will not be found on a free background check. But you still need to find out what is going on with this person. Perhaps you are renting them an apartment; or maybe you are about to hire them; or even you met them online and are going to meet them in real life; whatever it is, you need something more than a Free Backgrounds check to help you out!

If all else fails, there are tons of companies online that specialize in doing background checks. But buyer beware; some are scams, but some are very legit. Be careful and check them out by looking up reviews from some of their previous customers. Only then can you be safe and not spending your money for nothing or giving your credit card information to an unsecured website Design Training.

If you can’t find any reviews, go to a site that you trust and link to some of the people they suggest. Usually if they are reputable, they will not recommend someone that is not reputable also. But to begin, don’t forget your first step is to try to do your free background check. It won’t cost you a dime and you may end up getting some information after all.

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Free Sounds Systems

Anyone that has a computer most definitely has a sound system that he enjoys listening Free Sounds to. It is without a doubt that 99 percent of all pc users in the world have a sound system that they use to listen to music of play computer games.

Free SoundsLots of users choose their speakers system according the power output and the clarity of the sound. Little know that no matter how powerful and expensive are the speakers, it takes a good sound board to render high quality sound. These media devices, usually come with the sound system, but there are cases when a user decides to buy other models of output media. If you have a sound system and you think that quality of your sound is doubtful, you should check your sound board and then see if your speakers are compatible with it.

Companies have started to manufacture quality sound systems ever since computers have started to be used for entertainment purposes. You don’t need DVD players anymore; all you need a wide screen monitor and a powerful home cinema sound system and you can create the movie like atmosphere in your house.

Free Sounds systems have lots of output channels and every speaker is individual from each other, thus creating a very life-like environment. If you don’t have a system like this, there is nothing to be ashamed about. You can buy anything you want as long as you are happy with it.

Quick Note: Taking the Nonsense out of looking for the right spyware remover

If you really want to take web Design Training work out of looking for that right Spyware Protection from a Spybot go to the Internet and get a Free Spybot or a Free Spybot Search and Destroy Download, In order to prevent your vital information from being ripped from your computer get your Spybot Remover Today.

I believe that something that works doesn’t have to be changed just because others say so. If you what to listen to music, you can do so even with your stereo headphones, you don’t need a state of the art sound system to enjoy quality music.

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Express And Impress With Buddy Free Icons

The icons used in many IM programs like AOL Instant, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger are referred to as buddy icons. These images can be of any kinds of formats like BMP, XBM, GIF, ICO or GIF and these images are usually found in 50*50 pixels.

These icons can be in the form of still Flash Animations or animation. Regardless of the kind of images, the size of these icons is usually not more than 7160 bytes. The first IM program to have used icons is the AOL Instant Messenger and some people refer to these icons as buddy avatars.

Free IconsYou can download aim icons from different websites. Some websites charges you money for downloading them but there are some websites from which you can download these icons for free.

As we all know, the present Internet users are very much in to chatting online, as it is one form of conversation, which is very ‘in’ among the people. On an Internet chat, the users type whatever they wish to say to his or her friend through the keyboard and then the message will appear on the window where the chat is taking place.

There are certain icons, which can be used in place of the plain words. This will make the conversation look more attractive and lively. For example, goodnight can be replaced by an animated image, which conveys the same message, but in a different way.

Nowadays, the aim buddy icons are very much in demand as most of the IM program users love to use them because they not only look lovely but they also convey your messages as clearly as possible.

Buddy icons that are animated look lovely, lively and bright. The colors and Design Training in which they are available are very pleasing to eyes and as such, many people like to make use of these icons. Those who are familiar with IM programs and are experienced IM users would know what buddy icons are. In fact, there isn’t a single user who isn’t aware of the existence of AOL buddy icons.

The lighting effect and the arrangement of colors in these icons give them a lively and energetic appearance. Actually, chatting on the IM programs have never been more fun and exciting before the introduction of buddy icons. Ask anyone and they will tell you the same thing.

All the users in the entire globe are becoming more and more interested in using buddy Free Icons and you will find that the rate at which they are downloading these icons from websites is very high.

They are very much in demand, especially among the young users, because these users find the buddy icons particularly attractive and innovative. When you type “buddy icons” on any search engine, you will find a number of websites that offers you these icons. Like I said earlier, certain websites offers these icons for free whereas some charge some amount of fee for downloading these icons.

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Adding More ‘Life’ to Flash Animations

Flash has always played a marquee role in the field of web site Flash design globally. Being the fuel of most of the designing and Flash Animations projects, designers use this highly feature-rich program in every step of designing. Without it designing and animation are simply unimaginable, at least in today’s context. What’s special in Flash?

Flash AnimationsWell, we can’t deny the fact that there are other animation and designing software available in the market. But Flash has established such a reputation in the psyche of the designers that when designing comes to the front, there is not a second thought about the program – in most cases it has to be Flash, and it has been for long time now. Optimum ease of use, superb designs at affordable price, client satisfaction are some of the prime reasons for the immense popularity of Flash. Once a property of Macromedia, Flash is now owned by Adobe. The reputation that the program earned in the days of Macromedia Flash web design initiatives is still on. This time it’s going great gun riding high on the wings of Adobe.

The Oval Tool of Flash is one of the most frequently used tools in any Flash web site Design Training project. The tool is used to draw ovals and circles. Since most Flash animation designs infuse oval and circle shapes onto the projects, the use of the Oval Tool can also be seen in the industry up to a remarkable extent. In order to draw a perfect circle, you need to hold down the Shift key. It will restrict the drawn object’s proportions to that of a circle. If you keep selected the Snap to Objects option while drawing an oval, the shape will be seen snapping to a perfect circle, if dragged at a 45 degree.

The Oval Tool of Flash Animations also comes with Smooth and Straighten options. By selecting them, you can also adjust your already drawn shapes as per your requirements.

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Flash Animations for Lively Design Construction

Flash animation pumps up life into a boring and stagnant website. It uses vector based graphics to create designs that are full of life.

Attention span of the visitor is very short and flickering, therefore capturing their attention becomes very necessary that too in first few seconds. Flash is far better than static images and pictures, giving added meaning to the message you want to convey. On the basis of the purpose, movement in the flash animation can be used to evoke any specific emotion or remove it. For instance you can also get a small commercial Design Tutorials for your website. The presentation that can be heard, seen in motion and read creates lasting impression.

This technology combines education with entertainment which makes it more attractive as fun is paired with knowledge. The time spans spend by the users on your website increases if you succeed to catch and generate interest. According to your company needs, decide on which emotion has to be showcased through flash animation. It would keep your business ahead of other competitors. Professional look given to flash presentations exerts positive impact on the minds of the customers.

The software widely used for flash animation creation is Adobe flash software allocated in .swf format. The Free Animations are usually created in series in various forms like- vector drawings, videos, raster art and bitmaps resulting in high quality graphics. One can find can many image handlers, flash generator, menu producer, etc on World Wide Web.

Flash AnimationsMacro media flash is used to create designs that are high-end, have greater impact, low bandwidth and holds on the visitors thereby enriching web experience. One of the greatest advantage is you don’t need to download or install the player. You can drag the file to the browser location and make it function. The flash animations are highly interactive and appealing in nature, facilitating online brand campaigning too.

Adobe Flex is the upcoming flash animation type that very well sustains development and consumption of cross platform that is based on Macromedia Flash platform. Another player in this field in Flex Data services-2 which offers services that are enterprise based and provides services like data push, automated testing, data synchronization, etc. Flash animation also supports Adobe Flex-3 which is the beta version supporting Adobe application runtime.

Flash animations is very much in demand now-a-days with more and more websites making its use for increased website traffic.

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The Benefits of Emotion Free Icons and How to Get Started Using Them

Free Icons are eye-catching symbols which more and more individuals are using on a daily basis. There are a wide variety of these icons available to computer users everywhere and the tough decision is deciding which icon to use. There are a few benefits of icons which detail different emotions and these will be discussed along with how to obtain them to get on your way to using these great personalized items.

Benefits of Icons Which Depict Emotions

One of the benefits to using emotion icons is that you can add personal flair to all of the emails which you send out. From happy to sad, ecstatic to confused, these icons are available in so many different types. If you are sending out a funny email to a friend, you can choose a hysterical laughter icon to accompany your email text. No matter what type of email you are sending out to your friends, you are certain to find the perfect icon to personalize that email.

Free IconsThese icons are also a great way to spread laughter and cheer amongst your friends. There is perhaps nothing more entertaining than opening up an email and being greeted by one of these icons. Using icons which depict emotions allow you to give the recipient a smile and a laugh which is often a good thing especially if the individual is having a rough day.

An additional benefit to using this type of icon is that there are many icons of this type which are free to obtain on the World Wide Web. Certain Internet providers will allow individuals to access icons of this type for free simply by being subscribers. You can look on your email account to determine if these icons are accessible to you. In addition, many websites offer icons for Internet users to download and a good deal of website owners make these icons free to the general public. An icon which is free is perhaps one of the best types to obtain as there is nothing to lose by doing so as long as it is truly free of charge to the public.

How to Get Started Using Free Icons Which Show Emotions

Once you have decided that using icons of this type is a good move for you the next step is to obtain these items. First, determine if you want to get these icons for free or if you are willing to pay for them. Once you have done so, see if you have access to emotional icons through your Internet provider or email account. If so, you can peruse those options to see if any icons peak your interest. If not, the next step is to search the Internet for icons.

When searching the Internet for emotional icons, use a search engine to narrow down the available options. You should try entering phrases such as “emotional icons for free” or “icons which show emotions”. Once you receive your results you can then visit the various websites Design Training and see which website has the largest selection and most interesting icons depicting emotional states. When you find exactly what you are looking for in emotion icons, follow the directions for downloading the icons and then you will be able to use these great items right away.

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Flash Animations for Lively Design

Flash AnimationsMany of you may have come across websites that are dull and do not offer any degree of interactivity at all. Judging a website does not take long and a visitor forms a first impression as soon as he opens the site. Some sites are so engaging and lively that you feel like bookmarking them. Flash Animations is one way of creating such a lively and engaging website. When you integrate Flash image, text, video or music animation elements into your website, an engaging and interactive environment is created for viewers. A uniquely created website has a better chance of a viewer visiting it for a second time.

Flash-based websites are attractive, unique, interactive, and conveys a dynamic image of your company. It can create an everlasting impression on the visitors’ minds. After all, a visitor will always prefer some kind of video animation elements to be integrated in your site rather than a motionless display of content. Web design Flash Animations adds life into your site, which attracts and retains the interest of the visitors.

A Flash animation design can change the fortune of your business. Flash web DesignTraining India offers customize service to the clients to have them improve their businesses. You can ask for a rotating logo of your company so as to create a lasting impression. Likewise your products and banners on the web can be brought to life in the form of 3D models and spinning products. You can also ask for exact specification of size and dimensions.

Flash is today the most popular technology for creating interactive animations on the web. Development of Flash has an edge over other technologies due to its lower bandwidth requirements. It will not only give your site a new look but will also work wonders for your business.

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Make Your Website Stand Out With an Free Icons Design

They may look like a standard image file, but to design an icon, one needs special icon design software capable of creating and saving an image in ICO format.

There are many web design icon sites that, with a price, help you Design Training your own icon. These icon design sites have icon design groups that work from the look and feel of your web site or with any images; you give them, to design an icon compliant with multiple browsers. The icon design is available in different sizes like 256 color, 32×32 and 16×16 pixel designs.

Delivery of the custom made icon graphic design takes about three to four days. If there are any changes, you can make one set of revisions to the icon design at no additional cost. If at all you wish to design your own icon, all you have to do is to use any free design Free Icons web site. Here you have to open the program, and select the icon size and color from its dropdown menu.

Free IconsYour icon is created with your specifications. (Internet Explorer entertains icon designs of 16×16 pixels size only and ignores others). Now you can see a large window containing squares; this is your icon canvas. Each square represents a pixel, which you can edit to your requirements. Then you use the tools on the left-hand side of your screen to edit these pixels and to design the icon. If you cannot design your own icon, use an image that has to either be copied or pasted on the icon canvas or by pasting your image from a file.

In the case of design your own buddy icon, you have to go to a design buddy icon website. Here you have to right click the icon you like, and save it in the computer. Then, in instant messenger, you have to click on one of your buddy icons, which then take you to the buddy icon preferences page. You have to scroll to ‘my buddy icon’ and click that, and then select browse

And find where you saved your coolbuddy icon and select it from there. Your buddy icon is now set! You find that there are some of your favorite sites in the Internet Explorer 5 and above, having an Free Icons displayed beside the link. This icon is a Favicon. Displaying a Favicon with a website makes the website stand out, and build brand awareness. This provides viewers with an instant recognition of your website.

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