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Adding More ‘Life’ to Flash Animations

Flash has always played a marquee role in the field of web site Flash design globally. Being the fuel of most of the designing and Flash Animations projects, designers use this highly feature-rich program in every step of designing. Without it designing and animation are simply unimaginable, at least in today’s context. What’s special in Flash?

Flash AnimationsWell, we can’t deny the fact that there are other animation and designing software available in the market. But Flash has established such a reputation in the psyche of the designers that when designing comes to the front, there is not a second thought about the program – in most cases it has to be Flash, and it has been for long time now. Optimum ease of use, superb designs at affordable price, client satisfaction are some of the prime reasons for the immense popularity of Flash. Once a property of Macromedia, Flash is now owned by Adobe. The reputation that the program earned in the days of Macromedia Flash web design initiatives is still on. This time it’s going great gun riding high on the wings of Adobe.

The Oval Tool of Flash is one of the most frequently used tools in any Flash web site Design Training project. The tool is used to draw ovals and circles. Since most Flash animation designs infuse oval and circle shapes onto the projects, the use of the Oval Tool can also be seen in the industry up to a remarkable extent. In order to draw a perfect circle, you need to hold down the Shift key. It will restrict the drawn object’s proportions to that of a circle. If you keep selected the Snap to Objects option while drawing an oval, the shape will be seen snapping to a perfect circle, if dragged at a 45 degree.

The Oval Tool of Flash Animations also comes with Smooth and Straighten options. By selecting them, you can also adjust your already drawn shapes as per your requirements.


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Flash Animations for Lively Design Construction

Flash animation pumps up life into a boring and stagnant website. It uses vector based graphics to create designs that are full of life.

Attention span of the visitor is very short and flickering, therefore capturing their attention becomes very necessary that too in first few seconds. Flash is far better than static images and pictures, giving added meaning to the message you want to convey. On the basis of the purpose, movement in the flash animation can be used to evoke any specific emotion or remove it. For instance you can also get a small commercial Design Tutorials for your website. The presentation that can be heard, seen in motion and read creates lasting impression.

This technology combines education with entertainment which makes it more attractive as fun is paired with knowledge. The time spans spend by the users on your website increases if you succeed to catch and generate interest. According to your company needs, decide on which emotion has to be showcased through flash animation. It would keep your business ahead of other competitors. Professional look given to flash presentations exerts positive impact on the minds of the customers.

The software widely used for flash animation creation is Adobe flash software allocated in .swf format. The Free Animations are usually created in series in various forms like- vector drawings, videos, raster art and bitmaps resulting in high quality graphics. One can find can many image handlers, flash generator, menu producer, etc on World Wide Web.

Flash AnimationsMacro media flash is used to create designs that are high-end, have greater impact, low bandwidth and holds on the visitors thereby enriching web experience. One of the greatest advantage is you don’t need to download or install the player. You can drag the file to the browser location and make it function. The flash animations are highly interactive and appealing in nature, facilitating online brand campaigning too.

Adobe Flex is the upcoming flash animation type that very well sustains development and consumption of cross platform that is based on Macromedia Flash platform. Another player in this field in Flex Data services-2 which offers services that are enterprise based and provides services like data push, automated testing, data synchronization, etc. Flash animation also supports Adobe Flex-3 which is the beta version supporting Adobe application runtime.

Flash animations is very much in demand now-a-days with more and more websites making its use for increased website traffic.

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Flash Animations for Lively Design

Flash AnimationsMany of you may have come across websites that are dull and do not offer any degree of interactivity at all. Judging a website does not take long and a visitor forms a first impression as soon as he opens the site. Some sites are so engaging and lively that you feel like bookmarking them. Flash Animations is one way of creating such a lively and engaging website. When you integrate Flash image, text, video or music animation elements into your website, an engaging and interactive environment is created for viewers. A uniquely created website has a better chance of a viewer visiting it for a second time.

Flash-based websites are attractive, unique, interactive, and conveys a dynamic image of your company. It can create an everlasting impression on the visitors’ minds. After all, a visitor will always prefer some kind of video animation elements to be integrated in your site rather than a motionless display of content. Web design Flash Animations adds life into your site, which attracts and retains the interest of the visitors.

A Flash animation design can change the fortune of your business. Flash web DesignTraining India offers customize service to the clients to have them improve their businesses. You can ask for a rotating logo of your company so as to create a lasting impression. Likewise your products and banners on the web can be brought to life in the form of 3D models and spinning products. You can also ask for exact specification of size and dimensions.

Flash is today the most popular technology for creating interactive animations on the web. Development of Flash has an edge over other technologies due to its lower bandwidth requirements. It will not only give your site a new look but will also work wonders for your business.

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The Benefits of Using Flash Animations for Website Design Training

Getting more visitors to a website is just a breeze today. With lots of search engine optimization strategies available out there, you can get a swarm of visitors to your new website very quickly. Though getting visitors to your new website is easy, the real challenge is making the visitors stay in your website. Most importantly, the visitors of your website should become returning visitors or loyal customers. All these factors depend on the web design. The web design must ensure that it’s user friendly along with being attractive. User friendly web design is a factor that can be easily developed whereas an attractive web design is a complicated task. Thankfully, with the introduction of flash animation in website design, creating attractive websites has become much easier than ever before. Apart from being attractive, the web pages with flash animation have many other benefits too. Just keep reading on the article to know the 3 important benefits of flash animated website design.

1. Flash Animations Websites Are No Longer Strange To Google

Flash AnimationsThe only problem that existed with the flash animated websites is that they were not being crawled by the search engine bots. Thanks to the advancements in search engine algorithms, flash animations are no longer ignored by the search engines. Flash animated websites have already started appear in the Google search results. According to search engine optimization experts, the web designs with flash animation will be given preference by all the major search engines in future. Hence it is wise to get website designed in flash animation technology now.

2. Flash Animation For Creating Interactive Webpages

Websites with some still images and text will need to interactivity from the visitor. All the visitor of this page can do is to stare at the page and hence the chances of the visitor exit are high in these pages. Now let’s consider the flash animation in the webpages. The flash animations will get some input from the visitor of the site thereby making them stay in the website for quite a long time. We can create interactive navigation in the website which will keep the visitors entertained along with making them see all your web pages.

3. Making Live Sites Among The Dead

There are countless numbers of website online today. Hence it is important to get highlighted in the crowd to get noticed. You will be well aware of the fact that not many sites out there have started incorporating Flash Animations. Most of the sites are still using static text and images which make the sites look dead. On the other hand, if you include some flash animations in your website, you site will look lively and will be highlighted in the crowd.

Bottom Line

The flash animated websites are readily available today. Many professional web design companies have started offering flash web Design Training templates. All you have to do is to pick the best suitable web design template and customize it according to your needs.

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Flash Web Development in India for Long Lasting Flash Animations

Flash AnimationsThe prime feature of flash web development in India remains its quick adaptability to cutting edge technology and go-getter attitude inspired by the severe insider competition. Flash web Design Tutorials in India reflects adeptness and total tuning with the latest technological happenings around the World Wide Web, including latest at streaming front in connection with flash animation development.

As a professional flash web development service from India engages into development of Flash Animations, the prime issue associated with it is considered much before. And the issue is better known as streaming or how will the graphic animation flow from the server to the user’s computer system.

Effective streaming to flash animation development is proportional to user satisfaction to a product, truly speaking. While streaming at good speed can considerably enhance user level experience, a seemingly endless wait at the end of the user for the flash animation to download can discourage the user to continue or even stay on. Streaming of a flash animation can take place in two ways:

  • Real-time Streaming: Flash animation starts immediately upon clicking, while the rest of file simultaneously downloads in the backdrop;
  • The entire file downloads first before the user views it.

However, with significantly enhanced web technologies at large, including high internet speed and state of the art computer systems at disposal of most users, Flash web design in India prepares for development of Flash Animations fit for real-time streaming.

Further the popularity of Flash player recorded with a stunning 99% worldwide usage allows flash web development from India to be even smoother and more popular. Thanks to its prevalent use, users’ systems do not require specific installation of the Flash Player each time they wish to or have to view a flash animation on a website. Other animation players in the market include JAVA, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Apple Quick Time Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, Real Player and SVG, which are still following Flash Player by a huge margin.

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Web Designing & Flash Animations India

Flash AnimationsWhat shows that sells! Letters are not enough to show up the things that you want to sell. Your web sites designing will show how professional is you and your business. Want to Design Tutorials such a web site that will catch your visitors’ imagination and multiply your ROI, then Module soft Solutions is the best destination for you. Module soft Solutions has a long expertise in web designing and animation. Currently Module soft Solutions deals with projects related to

Corporate Websites

Whenever Module soft Solutions has attempted to design a corporate websites, its first and foremost step is to begin with a user-centered approach to strategy, content, architecture, and design to create sites that deliver exceptional value, are distinctively branded, and most of all, easy to use.

Flash Intro

Module soft too provides Flash Intro design service. As we claim that we are one of the cost-effective e-commerce solutions providers, surely you will get a better deal with us. Hire our web designers and animation experts for designing a professional Flash Intro for your company.

HTML/ Flash

HTML/ Free Web Templates are ready-made web layouts that can be used for fast and high-quality web sites instantly. Thus you won’t be wasting your valuable time and hard earned money by hiring a designer or team for designing your web site. A business based company also can customize a business type html, flash or Photoshop template as Module soft does. Music, flowers, pets, art, photo, commerce (and many more) based html, flash or Photoshop templates can also be found on our website.

Flash Websites

Our Flash web sites can be much more than “Wow!” and surely your visitor would say “what a cool website!” Our web designer team can incorporate html, 3D graphics, audio and video into your website that will make your site a fully interactive multimedia experience for your user.

2D &3D Flash

Keeping pace with the competitive web designing industry, Module soft Solutions too offers its creative designing solutions including 2D&3D Flash Animations and Visual Effects to its clients from both in India as well as all over the world.


Forward us any static page layout (whether in a Photoshop or JPEG form), we can design the document into fully functional XHTML and CSS. Module soft is committed to its high quality technical standards and promises to provide a advanced, highly optimized web document that will help your site rank better in search engines and visitor friendly.

Flash Header

Want to add some cool features like “Flash Header” to your website? Then don’t you try out Module soft Solutions’ designing service.

Module soft Solutions promises to provide you every advanced technological solution that our customers may look for online. It is our promise to provide complete e-commerce solutions (i.e. from web designing to web development; from application software to web promotion) to our clients. Check out our individual services for more details.

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Flash Text Animation for Great Effects

Flash AnimationsHave you ever come across a Flash Animations in which a series of texts appear in animated patterns just to up the fun quotient of the video? Most of you must have, and you might know by now that these are generally intro texts done using flash text builder. But what you may not know is how it is done, and I guess it’s time you did to applaud the skills of the animator who does it. Any animator who’s into flash web pages design should primarily have adequate creativity and wit to come up with texts that can make the video more interesting rather than spoil its fun. And of course, he should be real good with the flash text builder that he uses to make his flash web page design.

What you must understand is the fact that the right choice of software and tools that are more beneficial for the purpose of customization is necessary rather than explicit movie making knowledge. In custom flash web design, text Flash Animations itself goes a long way in creating the right effect besides the animation itself. Website designers or flash page designers have been seen making the best use of a flash text animation tool that goes by the name of SWF Text. Within SWF Text, which is a flash text builder, there are more than 200 text animations and background options that can help in making great flash intros. With the amount of innovation that is happening in the website building sector today, the makers of the program understand what they need to do, which is why they have loaded it with some amazing features including customization-based flash properties, various fonts and multilingual support.

There is stiff competition in the online industry and margin between competing websites can sometimes be very narrow. Flash web page design is a great way to make your website really perked up to attract the target audience with some really cool stuff. As a part of a custom flash web design process, inserting flash texts in animations is an interesting gambit that has worked for many websites. All you need is a skilled animator for the flash web pages Design Tutorials and a direction for your website.

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Providing Quality Online Video Photoshop Tutorial

Because of the technology made available in the Internet for all informative and entertainment purposes, website no longer just needs to have texts and pictures. They can also add videos or make videos available to the site to make it more interactive. But just as web designing and web formulation needs a lot of study, so does putting a video on the website needs certain knowledge to make it work. Fortunately, as technology in the Internet has enhanced greatly, online tutorials can be available as well.

There are several online video tutorials that you can see in the Internet. One of which is Tutorpipe who focuses on online video tutorials and other tutorials related to videos on the net. Before you can invest on your money for the subscription plan on Tutorpipe, you may want to avail of their free video tutorials offered in their online site. Anybody can click on the free video tutorials. You can request for free Photoshop Tutorials as you need it while they have request for tutorial features. They can offer free Photoshop Tutorials which are useful in making your web applications. However, if you want more in-depth learning as you develop web designing as a business venture, you can subscribe for the online video tutorials that Tutorpipe readily offers. With subscription, there is corresponding fee. Once you paid the fee, the subscription will begin.

Tutorpipe offers Flash video tutorials through their interactive videos. You can either get this as free video tutorial or as subscribed. Flash video tutorials can start as basic to intermediate. If you click on the free video tutorials, there are subject listed as options for you on what particular subject you want to hear from the interactive video tutorials regarding Flash Animations video tutorials. The online video tutorials that are free have a particular time allotted. For subscription, you need to log in to their site as one who have subscribed. Subscription is done by clicking on subscription page, then registering and paying through PayPal. Once the process is complete, then you can check on the online video tutorials by logging in. Usually, subscription for Flash video tutorials is more into advanced learning. If you need advanced learning regarding Flash, then you can subscribe and get the needed knowledge through the online video tutorials subscription. The subscription is valid for 365 days from the time you subscribed.

The same process for subscription happens if you want to learn more about Dreamweaver in their Dreamweaver video tutorials. But then again, there are also free Dreamweaver video tutorials in Tutorpipe. The topics also range from basics to intermediate. You can choose which among the available topics you can play for the free Dreamweaver video tutorials.

Usually, the free online Photoshop Tutorials are all basics. For those who are a beginner in web applications, you can take advantage of the free interactive tutorial videos in Tutorpipe. At least with the beginning knowledge, you can get bits and pieces on how to go about making videos on the web. As you go further, you would need advanced learning and Tutorpipe offers more advanced online tutorials services at affordable price on subscription.

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Interview with Animator and Artist Norman Engel

Flash AnimationsAbout Flash Animations Guide: Tell us a little about who you are. Who do you work for? What job do you do?

Norman: I consider myself an artist. Animation is just one of the outlets that I have for my expression. At the present time, I am the lead animation instructor for the Art Institute of Houston. Previous to this, I worked in the entertainment industry doing animation for television programs, and commercials.

About Animation Guide: How long have you been working in the animation industry?

Norman: In one way or another, I have been doing this for the past 20 years. Yes, I was animating before the industry started using computers……Makes me sound old huh?

About Animation Guide: Name a few of the projects you’ve worked on in the past.

Norman: This is always a hard question for me to answer, mainly because I have worked on so many different productions, and it is weird for me to toot my horn when it comes to past jobs. A few that come to mind are, Mary Lou Rettons Flip Flop Shop, (PBS) Music videos and promotions for countless artists, including Willie Nelson, Clay Walker, Bee Gees, Styx, Queensryche, Korn, Brittney Spears, ect…the list is too long to continue. Basically if you watched MTV, VH1, or CMT you have seen my work.

About Animation Guide: Do you have any future projects planned?

Norman: I plan to do a couple of fine art animations; you know the weird intellectually challenging type of things.

About Animation Guide: What prompted you to move into a career in animation? How did you go about pursuing it?

Norman: During my high school years, I saw Star Wars in the theater. It was so cool, I knew that I wanted to do something like that. My first animation was done on 8mm film in a high school art class.

About Animation Guide: What kind of education did it take to get you where you are today? What’s your alma mater?

Norman: At this time I prefer 3D Studio Max, although, I like Maya an awful lot as well.

About Animation Guide: Apples or oranges, tea or coffee: do you prefer traditional animation, or computer animation?

Norman: I prefer oranges over apples and coffee over tea. As for traditional or computer animation, there is no difference to me. It is all the same, only the tools are different. It’s kind of like asking which type of drawing that you prefer, ones done with a 2b pencil, or ones done with charcoal. It depends on how well done the drawing is, not the medium chosen by the artist.

About Animation Design Training Guide: Are you currently working on, or have you worked on in the past, any independent animation projects? Tell us more.

Norman: Of course, although none were big film projects. Usually straight to video or for television. Literally every animation is an independent project at the beginning.

About Animation Guide: Can you offer any advice to those interested in producing their own independent animations?

Norman: Persevere, finish the project, and expect to spend some money trying to get it published or distributed. Most small productions companies fail after a year. It must be a labor of love. If you in it for the money or fame, forget it.

About Animation Guide: What about those just considers starting in Flash Animations? Any educational or career advice, memorable lessons, etc?

Norman: You need to be an artist not a computer geek. Get a Bachelors Degree that is heavy in the fine arts. Study art and draw all the time. Don’t just look at computer art. You need to be as diverse as possible.

About Animation Guide: Do you ever appear at conferences? What animation events and conferences would you recommend?

Norman: I have never been very interested in conferences or conventions.

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Submitting to The Flash Animations Showcase

Flash AnimationsThe Flash Animations Showcase is a place for you to feature your animations to gain more exposure, or just because you feel like sharing, showing off, and otherwise displaying your work to the world at large. So if you’ve got an animation short that you’ve just been itching to air to the general public, take a look at the Q&A below regarding submission criteria and guidelines, and then send it on in!

How does one have their work featured in the Animation Showcase?

E-mail it as an attachment, in.wmv, .avi, .mov, or .swf format, to Flash Animation @ with the subject “Animation Showcase Submission.” Anything with attachments in any format other than that with any subject other than that will be deleted to avoid risk of viral e-mails. Please do not zip your submissions.

Works accepted into the Showcase will be added to a growing gallery of animations made publicly available to viewers of the Flash Animations site.

Are there any other criteria to meet?

Yes. Your work must:

  • Be no larger than 400x300px and no smaller than 320x240px in dimensions.
  • Be submitted in either .wmv or .swf format, and of acceptable video and audio quality.
  • Consist of some form of animation – be it cel animation, digital 2D, 3D, stop-motion, or some other form. Live-action video will not be considered.
  • Be no longer than 5:00m (five minutes). Longer pieces may be accepted in installments.
  • Be rated no higher than R (on a rating scale of G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, and MA). NC-17 and MA works will not be accepted. R-rated works will be taken into consideration on an individual basis, and accepted conditionally based on content. Please include your estimate of your content’s rating in your submission.
  • Not contain any materials copyright to anyone other than yourself unless used with the permission of the copyright holders.

In your e-mail, please include your name and/or the names of all who should be credited on the project, a link to your animation website if you have one, a brief (no more than three sentences) description of your animation, and a brief (no more than one paragraph) animation biography.

Why was an animation not accepted?

Most likely, for one of the following reasons:

  • The video or audio quality was too poor for web viewing.
  • The submission didn’t fit the size or length criteria and could not be easily resized or trimmed.
  • The animation was in poor taste or contained excessive profanity, vulgarity, nudity, or violence, beyond acceptable limits within an R rating.
  • The submission was clearly plagiarized or contained recognizable copyrighted material used without permission.
  • The work was not of suitable quality, allowing for variations in style outside of cinema-quality animation (such as stick-figure animations that may still warrant consideration if the overall animation has merit – whether it tells a story or simply sets out to amuse; as long as it has a purpose beyond wiggling sticks on a screen).

Must an animation fit a certain genre?

No. As long as it doesn’t fall under the “youdesignneeds” rating, just about any genre is acceptable.

Does submitting an animation mean relinquishing copyright of said animation?

Absolutely not, and if your work is featured in the showcase it will include full credit with your name and any personal website URL that you choose to include.

Will accepted animations be edited in any way?

If they don’t already include playback controls, small translucent “play” and “stop” buttons will be added in the lower-right corner. A small tag bar will also be added at the bottom, stating the name of the piece and its creator (you) as well as that it’s hosted on Flash Animation, to prevent anyone from taking the animation from the site without giving you proper credit.

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