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Free Fonts Web Design Tools for Beginners

Want to start your own website but don’t want to pay $800 for somebody else to do it? Then you’re in luck because there are free web design tools for beginners. These are software, utilities and generators for just about every phase of web designing. Here is a survey of some of the free tools at your disposal.

Free Web Design Tools

Color Scheme Generators. Are you having a hard time deciding what colors to use for your web site? Try online color combination generators. Getting a color theme is essential to achieving a unified look to your site. It is also an easy way to find matching (i.e. complementary) colors. Some shades just don’t go well with others, you know. Other color-related tools let you pick colors from the screen (color pickers), or convert a color hue into hex format so you can insert it manually into your code.
Free FontsHTML Validators. Want to make sure that your website code is fully compliant with standards? You can use free web design tools that can check your code for errors. This will help ensure your website works properly.

Clipart. Need graphics but can’t even draw a line? Grab free clipart. There is no end to free web design tools like this out there, though they vary in quality. Usually all they ask is a link back to their site.

Free Fonts. There are two ways to use fonts on your website. You can install them on your system and use them as font styles in your pages, which case people would need to have the same fonts installed on their computers. Or you can use the fonts in your graphics and save them as graphic files for banners, titles and buttons.

Web space. This is perhaps the oldest type of free web design tools. Even though the prices of web space hosting may have gone down, you may still want the totally free hosting packages. Note however, that many free hosting servers prohibit commercial use. If you’re an internet marketer, this option may not be available to you.

Domain name. Yes, believe it or not, there are some free domain name hosting services around.

The drawback is you don’t get the name registered as yours; it is maintained by the server. But that can be a good thing if you want to remain anonymous.

Free Web Templates. The ultimate in free web design tools. If you need a site up and running ASAP, download a finished template and start editing. You will have to make the content and maybe some graphics, but the basic coding for the home page and supporting pages will be there already.

These are just some of the free web Design Training tools you can find. In spite of what many over-priced web designers and software vendors tell you, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on these things. You can have just about all you need either free or at very affordable prices. Find a good web design portal with quality services like those listed above and you’ll see what we mean.


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Make Money Traveling With Stock Photography

There are several Stock Photography websites that want your pictures. These sites will pay you a percentage for every one of your pictures that gets downloaded, each time it is downloaded. Your pictures can be downloaded an unlimited number of times.

Many individuals, businesses, organizations, websites and print publications are in constant need of a wide variety of quality photographs for their websites, sales letters, brochures, magazines, videos and newspapers. These entities regularly turn to stock photography websites to buy the photographs that they need.

You can submit your digital photographs to websites like iStock and Shutterstock. You don’t need to be a professional photographer. You just need a digital camera (with extra memory cards) and internet access. Signing up for these websites is free. Each time one of your pictures is downloaded you’ll get paid a percentage of the cost of the photograph, which generally comes to twenty-five cents to several dollars.

Stock PhotographyJust about any type of digital picture is accepted as long as it is of high quality. Your pictures need to be in JPG/JPEG and for most stock websites they should be 1600 x 1200 pixels or larger. New photographers for Shutterstock need to submit photographs that are 4.0 Megapixels or Million Pixels (MP).

You can calculate the number of pixels in a photograph by multiplying the width by the height. A picture that is 1600×1200 is 1.92 million pixels.

In photographs that depict a minor, or where an identifiable human face is visible, you will need to send a model release with the picture to the website. You need to submit original work and make sure that you do not include copyrighted material or logos in your images. Do not submit photographs that have been increased in size from their original file size. You should read the submission guidelines from each website before you start posting your pictures.

Once you have uploaded a picture to a stock photography website, it stays there for as long as you like (even for years). Every time it gets downloaded you earn money. You can upload your pictures to several different websites as long as the websites allow the submission of non-exclusive photographs.

For example: let’s say that you have accumulated 1,000 high quality photographs for stock photography websites. You upload each image to ten different websites Design Training. So each site now has 1,000 different pictures. You have a total of 10,000 images uploaded on the various sites. If each of your pictures get downloaded just twice every thirty days, and your commission is only $0.25 cents for each download, you’ll be making $5,000 a month!

You can take ten pictures a day and upload each one to ten different Stock Photography websites. In just three months you’ll have about 900 photographs uploaded 9,000 times.

What is really cool about this is that once your pictures are uploaded they continue to make money for you with no additional work on your part. If you continuously upload pictures to the stock websites you can earn even more. There are several people that do this full-time and make $5,000, even $8,000 a month.

Most of the stock websites pay you once a month through PayPal, MoneyBookers, paper check or direct deposit.

You can start by taking pictures in your area, or travel anywhere and make a very healthy living by taking stock photographs. The more pictures you upload, the more earning potential you have. You can make great money from this “job” from just about anywhere in the world.

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How To Get A Free Backgrounds Check

You’ve found yourself in a situation that you have to do a Free Backgrounds check. Something in your life has surfaced; or perhaps more than likely, something in your life has surfaced that has to do with someone else and you want to check them out. If you’re reading this, you are very wise. Find out how to do a free background check and do it immediately. More times than not, a person does a free background check for the protection of themselves and/or their family.

Let’s get down to it. The first question is: is there really such a thing as a free background check?

Free BackgroundsThe answer is not that easy, but honestly it’s both yes and no. Yes, you can get some information about someone online doing a free background check, but unless their name is very uncommon, you probably won’t get much. But it is free so do it anyway. And no, if the name is fairly common or if you don’t have any more information other than a name, you are not going to get the information that you are looking for.

If you are older than 5, you’ve come to realize that even with a free background check, nothing that is worth anything is ever totally free. So what’s the skinny on this?

Search engines, especially the major ones such as Google and Yahoo have claimed that you can get any information that you want by typing it in their browser and allowing the engines to do their stuff. The problem is that most of the information that you are looking for in a free background check just will not be part of the results. That information such as:

  • Criminal records
  • Current and past employment
  • Sex offender status
  • Past convictions
  • Motor vehicle records including DUIs
  • Marital status and past divorces
  • Credit check and bankruptcies

All of this information will not be found on a free background check. But you still need to find out what is going on with this person. Perhaps you are renting them an apartment; or maybe you are about to hire them; or even you met them online and are going to meet them in real life; whatever it is, you need something more than a Free Backgrounds check to help you out!

If all else fails, there are tons of companies online that specialize in doing background checks. But buyer beware; some are scams, but some are very legit. Be careful and check them out by looking up reviews from some of their previous customers. Only then can you be safe and not spending your money for nothing or giving your credit card information to an unsecured website Design Training.

If you can’t find any reviews, go to a site that you trust and link to some of the people they suggest. Usually if they are reputable, they will not recommend someone that is not reputable also. But to begin, don’t forget your first step is to try to do your free background check. It won’t cost you a dime and you may end up getting some information after all.

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Free Sounds Systems

Anyone that has a computer most definitely has a sound system that he enjoys listening Free Sounds to. It is without a doubt that 99 percent of all pc users in the world have a sound system that they use to listen to music of play computer games.

Free SoundsLots of users choose their speakers system according the power output and the clarity of the sound. Little know that no matter how powerful and expensive are the speakers, it takes a good sound board to render high quality sound. These media devices, usually come with the sound system, but there are cases when a user decides to buy other models of output media. If you have a sound system and you think that quality of your sound is doubtful, you should check your sound board and then see if your speakers are compatible with it.

Companies have started to manufacture quality sound systems ever since computers have started to be used for entertainment purposes. You don’t need DVD players anymore; all you need a wide screen monitor and a powerful home cinema sound system and you can create the movie like atmosphere in your house.

Free Sounds systems have lots of output channels and every speaker is individual from each other, thus creating a very life-like environment. If you don’t have a system like this, there is nothing to be ashamed about. You can buy anything you want as long as you are happy with it.

Quick Note: Taking the Nonsense out of looking for the right spyware remover

If you really want to take web Design Training work out of looking for that right Spyware Protection from a Spybot go to the Internet and get a Free Spybot or a Free Spybot Search and Destroy Download, In order to prevent your vital information from being ripped from your computer get your Spybot Remover Today.

I believe that something that works doesn’t have to be changed just because others say so. If you what to listen to music, you can do so even with your stereo headphones, you don’t need a state of the art sound system to enjoy quality music.

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Flash Animations for Lively Design Construction

Flash animation pumps up life into a boring and stagnant website. It uses vector based graphics to create designs that are full of life.

Attention span of the visitor is very short and flickering, therefore capturing their attention becomes very necessary that too in first few seconds. Flash is far better than static images and pictures, giving added meaning to the message you want to convey. On the basis of the purpose, movement in the flash animation can be used to evoke any specific emotion or remove it. For instance you can also get a small commercial Design Tutorials for your website. The presentation that can be heard, seen in motion and read creates lasting impression.

This technology combines education with entertainment which makes it more attractive as fun is paired with knowledge. The time spans spend by the users on your website increases if you succeed to catch and generate interest. According to your company needs, decide on which emotion has to be showcased through flash animation. It would keep your business ahead of other competitors. Professional look given to flash presentations exerts positive impact on the minds of the customers.

The software widely used for flash animation creation is Adobe flash software allocated in .swf format. The Free Animations are usually created in series in various forms like- vector drawings, videos, raster art and bitmaps resulting in high quality graphics. One can find can many image handlers, flash generator, menu producer, etc on World Wide Web.

Flash AnimationsMacro media flash is used to create designs that are high-end, have greater impact, low bandwidth and holds on the visitors thereby enriching web experience. One of the greatest advantage is you don’t need to download or install the player. You can drag the file to the browser location and make it function. The flash animations are highly interactive and appealing in nature, facilitating online brand campaigning too.

Adobe Flex is the upcoming flash animation type that very well sustains development and consumption of cross platform that is based on Macromedia Flash platform. Another player in this field in Flex Data services-2 which offers services that are enterprise based and provides services like data push, automated testing, data synchronization, etc. Flash animation also supports Adobe Flex-3 which is the beta version supporting Adobe application runtime.

Flash animations is very much in demand now-a-days with more and more websites making its use for increased website traffic.

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Using Funny Pictures for Stock Photography

It took me a long time to first delve into the creation of funny pictures.  Almost fifteen years into my career, to be exact.  A big part of that evolution was the advent of the digital world and Photoshop Brushes.  As a matter of fact, Photoshop came along at a perfect time for me and opened up a whole new world.

It was early 1990 and my business had hit the wall.  It was like someone turned off the faucet.  1989 was, at that point, the best year I had ever had.  I could barely keep up with the assignments!  But our economy took a dive and my business went along with it.  One of my clients went from a staff of 24 to only five people in a six-month span of time.

Who was going to hire me, and why?

Stock PhotographyWith all that time on my hands I took a hard look at my business.  Who was going to hire me and why?  My answer was that not too many would hire me.  My book wasn’t even interesting to me.  But one thing did interest me, combining images.  I began to combine images using in-camera duping.

The difficulties of that process got me looking at this new development in the pre-press world, digital compositing. When I checked into that, the proprietary systems were prohibitively expensive.  And then came this new program called Photoshop.

I didn’t have any money, but I traded some Stock photography to Adobe for a copy of their new program, and used my income tax money to pay for an apple computer.  The rest, as they say, was history.

Pics of flying pigs and heads buried in the sand

It wasn’t long before humor began to creep into my Photoshop work.  A funny picture of flying pigs came within months of my starting to work with Photoshop.  Shortly after that came a fun image of raining cats and dogs.

The humor showed up not just in funny animal pictures, but also in humorous people pictures as well.  In one such shot I created an image of myself, times three, and in each case, with my head buried in the sand and my butt in the air (what was I thinking?).

Eventually I created a stock image of a cat with a huge grin and a canary feather protruding from his mouth.  That fun little picture got me a contract with a greeting card company and my own line of greeting cards “John Lund’s Animal Antics”.  Soon we were selling over a million greeting cards a year!

At first I was uncomfortable getting complements on the funny animal pictures.  I wanted to be known for serious work.  But it began to dawn on me that people were truly appreciating what I was doing.  I get e-mails from all over the world from people thanking me for bringing humor into their lives.

A week after 9/11 happened a United Airlines flight attendant sent me a letter thanking me for giving her fist smile since the twin towers tragedy.

Appreciation on a weekly basis

After twenty years of photography I don’t ever remember anybody thanking me for creating images…and here I am suddenly getting appreciation on a weekly basis.  How bad can that be?  Now, of course, I have come to terms with it.  As a matter of fact, few things make me feel as good as seeing a smile spread across someone’s face when they first look at one of my images.  As a matter of fact, when someone chuckles at one of my images I know I have a winner.

Even today, I created a funny image and sent e-mail the image to my brother while I had him on the phone.  When I heard him laugh I knew the image was successful.

It took me fifteen years of shooting before I found my stride, a combination of  Stock photography, Photoshop and humor.  I create funny images of pets, funny photographs of business concepts, and, yes, the occasional serious shot too. And I’m laughing all the way to the bank!

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Know about Free Icons and use

Free Icons are illustrative representations of objects. They are designed for aesthetical visual identities of programs.

These pictorial miniatures are symbolic representations that convey instant meanings to the users. An aesthetically designed high quality icon can provide the user with a graceful experience and can facilitate user productiveness along with an overwhelming response. You can access the functionality behind an icon by clicking or double-clicking it. Operating systems often allow you to customize visuals of various objects by applying your own custom icons.

A good icon will improve the visual communication of your program. It can change the overall impression of your program’s visual Design Training. It can improve usability by quick identification of programs and objects.

Icons can be classified into different types according to their function some of the examples include Global Button

Icons, Information Quantifier Icons, Inline Icons, Functional Icons, Component Icons, Object Type Quantifier Icons, Diagram Icons, Free Icons and Base Graphics.

All the above come under two general type called the flat icons and the three dimensional icons. Flat icons are commonly used for file icons and for objects like documents or papers. Three dimensional icons look elegant with shadows and special lightings. Each icon image features its own size and color depth.

The beautiful icons that you see or use in your systems are the end results of hard work by experienced designers.

Free IconsMaking an icon requires good amount of experience in illustrations using vector art or 3D programs. The job involves from initial conception to mock up sketches and then the final product. The designer will be using subtle range of colors to get the desired outcome. Using shadows apart from beautifying the icon will provide depth for three dimensional icons.

For an effective icon development the following steps should be adhered. Conceptualization: This is the first step in creation of icons. As a rule established concepts must be used as for as possible in order to ensure consistency of meanings. Consideration of how the icon will suit the context is a must. Illustration: A vector tool such as Macromedia Free hand or Adobe Illustrator must be used to create the icon. First a free hand sketch should be done then the final touch must be given in adobe illustrator. Finally creating the end product and evaluating it before use.

The two widely used application icons are the XP icons and the MAC icons. They have different file type extensions and cannot be exchanged until they are converted into the required format. The file type extension used in XP icons is .icon extension, and .icons extension is used in the MAC. It is easy to convert MAC icons to be used in XP style applications and vice versa using various available software’s.

Tools used in the process of creating icons vary from the simple pencil and paper to Gif Movie Gear. Initial concepts must be listed and sketched in a paper using a pencil. 3D Studio Max is used to render 3D effects to the icon. Free hand sketch is done in Macromedia Freehand or in Adobe illustrator. Adobe Photoshop is used in finalizing the details. Either Gemini Gif Movie Gear or Axial is Icon Workshop is used to produce the .icon file with required compression.

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Flash Web Development in India for Long Lasting Flash Animations

Flash AnimationsThe prime feature of flash web development in India remains its quick adaptability to cutting edge technology and go-getter attitude inspired by the severe insider competition. Flash web Design Tutorials in India reflects adeptness and total tuning with the latest technological happenings around the World Wide Web, including latest at streaming front in connection with flash animation development.

As a professional flash web development service from India engages into development of Flash Animations, the prime issue associated with it is considered much before. And the issue is better known as streaming or how will the graphic animation flow from the server to the user’s computer system.

Effective streaming to flash animation development is proportional to user satisfaction to a product, truly speaking. While streaming at good speed can considerably enhance user level experience, a seemingly endless wait at the end of the user for the flash animation to download can discourage the user to continue or even stay on. Streaming of a flash animation can take place in two ways:

  • Real-time Streaming: Flash animation starts immediately upon clicking, while the rest of file simultaneously downloads in the backdrop;
  • The entire file downloads first before the user views it.

However, with significantly enhanced web technologies at large, including high internet speed and state of the art computer systems at disposal of most users, Flash web design in India prepares for development of Flash Animations fit for real-time streaming.

Further the popularity of Flash player recorded with a stunning 99% worldwide usage allows flash web development from India to be even smoother and more popular. Thanks to its prevalent use, users’ systems do not require specific installation of the Flash Player each time they wish to or have to view a flash animation on a website. Other animation players in the market include JAVA, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Apple Quick Time Player, Adobe Shockwave Player, Real Player and SVG, which are still following Flash Player by a huge margin.

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How to Get Royalty Free Icons

Free Icons are the seemingly ‘unimportant’ graphics on a site. For example, a website may have icons shaped like arrow marks instead of bullets when numbering a list. Here are some of the common uses of icons:

As bullets for numbering

As buttons for RSS feeds

Pointers to designate various ‘areas’ on a page…

And a myriad of other uses.

The best way to recognize icons and their far-reaching uses is to simply visit a quality Royalty Free Icons site such as

The Effects of Using the Right Icons

Free IconsThe right icons on a website, when coupled with good Design Tutorials, increase the credibility of the site, making the visitor more comfortable. In essence, this results in higher conversions and more sales.

Royalty Free Icons and Their Importance:

Icons, like all other graphics are often ‘rigged’ by the creators to generate royalties for life from each use. However, this can prove to be an expensive proposition, especially for a successful site! As such it is important to purchase and use only royalty Free Icons for your site!

Using just images you pick off of Google search or another site can prove to be the worst decision of your life if you end up getting sued, especially if you’re major site, or are found by the author of the image and in turn may have to end up paying an inflated rate for the image. Additionally, you do not want to compromise on the unique nature of your site and end up just settling for something that is commonplace elsewhere.

Finally, a good theme that runs though all the icons on a site lead to an incredible impression on the visitors, while just using a mash-up of tens of different designs leads to lower conversions. As such, the best way to acquire royalty free icons is to go through a site or web developer that specializes in such icons.

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Stock Photography Allow both Amateur and Professional Photographers to Profit

Today the two major types of photography sold on the market include assignment photography and stock photography. Photographs taken of a predetermined subject are called assignment photography, while stock photography is when one takes photos with the desire to find a future buyer.

Both Amateur and Professional photographers generally can sell both types, and while assignment photography typically takes care of their base costs they find it to be self-limiting in profit potential. Stock photos, however, while generally commanding a lower price, sell more often and to a wider market. A good site to sell your stock photos is

If you think you might want to try your hand at making money with Stock Photography, it’s a good idea to know what kind of photography interests you and in what aspect of photography you have talent. As you hone your skill, you can start to amass a stockpile of photos. That beautiful landscape pictures you took of the setting sun during last months trip to the beach, the pictures of your garden, or the pottery your spouse made, or with a written model release, even the pictures you shot of someone using a cell phone, or typing on a laptop can all be potential stock photos.

Stock PhotographyA magazine may be doing an article on gardens or on the dangers of driving while using a cell phone. A newspaper might need pictures of the local coastline. Take pictures of everything. Photos you have about police actions can be quite profitable. Other highly popular stock photo subjects also include certain types of plants, food, cars, and boats. Amass a photo library with varied photos. With your good stock photos, the possibilities are endless.

Often, however, photograph editors in magazines and newspapers often don’t have the time or the inclination to expand much effort when buying Stock Photography. So basically you need to find someone who will market and sell your pictures for you. Think about this – the larger the website, the less time a photo editor will have to spend looking for the right photo and the greater chance your stock photo will be viewed and possibly purchased.

In picking out a service to sell your stock photos you are looking for functionality and affordability. You will need to be able to sell your stock photos and the interface of the website must be one that is not only easy for you to upload your stock photos, but is also easy for those who wish to buy stock photos.

With the advent of the Internet, the business of buying stock photos and selling stock photos has greatly increased. Whether you are an amateur stock photographer or a professional stock photographer, the potential for making a profit from selling stock photos is substantial enough to warrant your attention.

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